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  1. Raven

    Black Sabbath

    I really really need to get into this band.  Esp. the Dio era.
  2. Raven


    Okay, so I'm using StumbleUpon, since I'm trying to kill time before I leave for Austria (yay!), and I come across this website, which is obviously a trailer for a film.  For reasons I've never been able to discover, Mozilla (mine, at least) really doesn't like Apple, so I can't play the...
  3. Raven

    'Seven Ages of Rock'

    A new documentary on the history of rock music, named 'The Seven Ages of Rock', will feature an entire episode dedicated to the heavy metal scene from 1970 - 1991 The show will begin by looking at the rise to fame of Black Sabbath (arguably, one of...
  4. Raven

    Beast on the Road?... Maiden drummer snared by police The drummer with heavy metal band Iron Maiden has been banned from driving after being caught speeding on the M74 motorway near Lockerbie. Michael McBrain - known to fans as Nicko - was clocked...
  5. Raven

    Absent from the ranks for a while...

    ...but still well worth a special :hbd: message!  Happy 50th, Clive Burr! :yey:
  6. Raven

    The Point, Dublin 20/12/06

    Well, thought I might as well get this up to pre-empt mine, Hunny's and Conor's reactions to the gig later on today. I will report back on Thursday, but for now I leave you with a resounding MAIDEN!!!!!
  7. Raven

    Harald Schimdt on metal

    I came across this video on YouTube the other day and wondered if anyone could translate the general gist of the interview for me.  I believe that some viewer wrote in (possibly to correct some comment Schimdt may have said earlier) about metal sounding the same, so Schmidt decides to get some...
  8. Raven

    Potential IMC image change?

    In light of the recent make-over of the Maidenfans main page (thus revealing that some things do change around here!), I had a rather cool (to my mind) idea. Instead of having the image of Eddie bursting out of the computer looking at us when we enter the IMC, why not have a montage of Eddies...
  9. Raven

    Nicko's gongs

    You got all excited when you clicked on this, didn't you? Perverts. :lol: Anyway, although this topic is already veering in the direction of madness, I have a serious question (two, in fact!) to ask of you. 1. After watching the AMoLaD Bonus DVD, where Nicko mentions that his beloved gong is...
  10. Raven

    Member Map?

    I was wondering if the Member map has been taken off, and why?  The mini-map in my profile is gone, as is the link on the top bar.  Thanks.
  11. Raven

    'Making of...' new album online

    A documentary about the processes of writing, rehearsing, recording and mixing the new album, 'A Matter of Life and Death', can now be viewed on Maiden's site at this location. I loved this really gave an insight into the crafting of AMoLaD, moreso than Kevin's diaries.  I...
  12. Raven

    Favourite song with out-takes at beginning/end

    As you can see, I, too (as well as SMX) have slightly too much time on my hands. ^_^ To qualify for this poll, the song must have an extract at either the beginning or end, which is spoken by the band members.  So for example, Still Life has Nicko's backwards speech at the beginning, and him...
  13. Raven

    Opeth Drummer Martin Lopez quits band

    Quoted from MetalStorm News
  14. Raven

    French Presentation

    I'd like the opinions of any of the French-literate posters here. For my French GCSE Oral, I have to prepare a speech on a topic of my choice, to say from memory with my French Speaking Test. It's not in front of the class, just my teacher and a microphone (it has to be recorded to be sent to...
  15. Raven

    A Little Help....

    Just a short question I am stumped over. Since when was B*DGER a swear word? And if it isn't, why is my the Monty Python quote in my sig being censored? :: . If anyone can solve this conundrum, I will be deeply in your debt. I'm in Python withdrawl already.... [img...