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  1. Eric Wright

    Joy Division+New Order

    I'm really not sure how well Joy Division is liked on this forum so I made this so I could find out :p Closer is one of my favorite albums ever and I love it for the dark brooding atmosphere and cyclic basslines and riffs. Just chock full of raw emotion and texture. JD's music isn't terribly...
  2. Eric Wright

    Recording/Mixing for Dummies?

    Hey all I'm relatively new to recording and mixing and it'd be awesome if someone could give me some basic 101 guidelines to producing and mixing one's own music. I'm working on a cello cover of the Maiden song 2 A.M (Keyboard intro, Cello, Electric Cello) and the result is pretty...
  3. Eric Wright

    Atrocious songs from good bands

    These are songs that are just so bad they're the last thing you'd expect from a classic or quality band and you just can't wrap your head around the fact they sat in the studio, talked it over, and thought "This is a GOOD idea!" Feel free to contribute to the wall of shame. Rock 'N Roll...
  4. Eric Wright

    5 Favorite Albums, 3 Favorites from Each, Favorite of the 3 Favorites Picked

    Let all hell break loose. 1. The X-Factor: Sign of the Cross, Blood on the World's Hands, 2 A.M (Sign of the Cross) 2. Somewhere in Time: Alexander the Great, Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner, Wasted Years (Alexander) 3. Piece of Mind: Revelations, The Trooper, Where Eagles Dare...
  5. Eric Wright

    Recycled Songs?

    Sometimes you can't help but feel certain Maiden songs are just rehashes of classics. The one that bothers me the most is The Duellists which sounds EXACTLY like Where Eagles Dare, and even Bruce's vocals are uncannily....well, the same.
  6. Eric Wright

    Mic recommendations?

    I've been a cellist for 6 years but mainly been exclusive to concert performances and jamming with friends. Lately I've been wanting to record my covers and own compositions but that's pretty much gone to the toilet as I don't have any quality recording equipment. I've used both acoustic and...
  7. Eric Wright

    Create Your Own Setlist For Any Band You Like

    Basically the same as "Create Your Own Maiden Setlist", but with any band you like. This is probably a duplicate but we all know search buttons are unreliable. Judas Priest 1. Painkiller 2. The Sentinel 3. Delivering the Goods 4. All Guns Blazing 5. You've Got Another Thing Coming 6. Victim...
  8. Eric Wright

    Favorite Maiden Member?

    We love all of the members of Maiden, how could I ever choose?! :eek:
  9. Eric Wright

    The Problem with the X-Factor?

    I've never understood why this album is considered among Maiden's worst. I can't even fathom it. For some albums like Virtual XI (bad production, monotonous vocals, TAATG) I can understand. But when I listen to the X-Factor, I hear nothing but absolute brilliance from start to finish and there's...
  10. Eric Wright

    Greatest Rapper Ever

    Pimp Daddy Welfare is a genius. Waffle Whorehouse:‎ Beat the Bitch that Talks too much:
  11. Eric Wright

    Favorite 3 Songs from Each Album

    Fairly straightforward. IM: Phantom of the Opera, Transylvania, Strange World K: Killers, Innocent Exile, Murders in the Rue Morgue NOTB: Hallowed be thy Name, 22 Acacia Avenue, Children of the Damned POM: Revelations, To Tame a Land, the Trooper POW: Powerslave, Aces High, Losfer Words SIT...
  12. Eric Wright

    Worst Band Logos

    'Nuff said.
  13. Eric Wright

    Anyone here a musician?

    I'm a cellist and composer, which may leave me as the odd one out here since I'm assuming most of the members here are guitarists/bassists (I'm somewhat competent at the double bass but given that I don't own one I've never been able to really put forth my best into learning the instrument)...
  14. Eric Wright

    Greatest Maiden Epic

    I didn't include anything from No Prayer or Killers, because they don't have a classic Steve Harris epic. I haven't listened to Final Frontier so there's no option for in the poll yet. I love all of these songs, but Sign of the Cross takes the cake for me.
  15. Eric Wright

    Favorite Maiden Lyrics

    With Iron Maiden being my favorite band, several lyrics resonate deeply with me and I find extremely thought provoking. I personally find Maiden's lyricism to either be a hit or miss, with either the lyrics being amazingly profound (Revelations Hallowed be thy Name, The Educated Fool) or just...