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  1. Belenor

    Westman, Indsman and other troubles of a would-be translator

    Ah, well, I know it is a bit strange topic for an Iron Maiden forum and should end up on some forum about linguistic problems, but I'll try anyway :-) Recently, I started to translate one german author to the Czech language and got to some interesting words I have problems translating. The...
  2. Belenor

    Limited Edition of The Final Frontier and Linux

    Well, I bought it an hour ago, rushed home to check the bonus content and oops: Linux seems not to be supported. So all those without Windows and Mac, beware before purchase :-) Just two questions: 1) Is anybody here with Linux who managed to make it work? 2) Am I wrong to request a support...
  3. Belenor

    SBIT 08.08.08, Prague, The Czech Republic

    The show was avesome, but sadly, it was affected by a train accident near Ostrava with some fans being on board (see Bruce dedicated one song to the victims - well, we did not know if there were fatalities and Bruce hoped there weren't. Well...
  4. Belenor

    Maiden in Ostrava, 6/6/2007

    Well, if anyone interested, I've been there. The gig in Ostrava in the Czech Republic was planned to begin at 18:00 and started at 19:00 approximately, but that was probably ok because the czechoslovak IM site reads that the starting time was later updated to 19:15. The audience mainly consisted...
  5. Belenor

    What is it to be a Maiden fan?

    This: Do you hear the crowd singing at the begining? Yeah - Bruce is no longer needed, fans could do it themselves. I hope we will be able to do the same at Ostrava, on 6th of June. (Sorry, I had to share this, it brings tears to my eyes I do not...
  6. Belenor

    Sign of the Cross - txt

    Currently without solos - I'm quite unable to get them. The tab is merged from several sources with my own additions and should be complete (well - not counting solos :-) ... -cross.txt I'm not a profi-musician so there may be some mistakes. Oh and I use...