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  1. Kalata

    Senjutsu Awards

    Nearly 2 months after the release of the album and countless listenings, I think most of us have already formed an opinion. FORMAT: You can add more categories if you want...
  2. Kalata

    Awards received by Maiden

    It's curious to note them... even though they should be way more. LIST: Bandit Rock Awards Best International Live Act: 2011, 2015 and 2016 Best International Album: The Book Of Souls (2016) BRIT Awards Best International Live Act: 2009 Best British Single: Bring Your Daughter... To The...
  3. Kalata

    The Wicker Man vs Wicker Man! Which is better?

    Maiden's song is a classic... one of (if not) the most classic songs from the reunion. Bruce's song is also good - typical sounding song for his solo career, but the Maiden's one is better IMO.
  4. Kalata

    Primal Fear

    Great band with a fantastic vocalist and classic heavy metal songs (power metal and speed metal too). There are 3 guitarists in the band now. What you think of them? Do you like them? Favorite album?
  5. Kalata

    Grave Digger

    I do not found a thread for them. Underrated band with brutal riffs. Their Middle Ages Trilogy is great. Their best album is probably Knights Of The Cross (1998).
  6. Kalata

    Curious fact about Maiden's songs titles

    Iron Maiden and Dance Of Death are the only albums which do not have a song that its title starts with ''The'' ! They like to do that, don't they.
  7. Kalata

    B-sides from AMOLAD

    What happened to the b-sides from A Matter Of Life And Death ? Why they weren't released ? I think they were planned for a release... - on the picture below (which I took from the AMOLAD documentary), you can see them listed right after the album songs (#11,12,13,14). In the last part of the...
  8. Kalata

    With which song Maiden should close their shows

    Through the years they closed their concerts with 8 different songs: Drifter Prowler Sanctuary Running Free The Trooper Run To The Hills Hallowed Be Thy Name Wasted Years !*on Raising Hell concert (1993), the last song from the set was ''Iron Maiden'' / they also played I've Got The Fire...
  9. Kalata

    Which song was written first... for all of the 16 albums

    We discussed this kind of topic in the news thread (a year ago, I think) and for me it is an interesting topic. I'm curious to know. It requires a lot of researches. So, let's see how it goes: IM: Killers: TNOTB: POM: Poweslave: SIT: SSOASS: The Clairvoyant NPFTD: FOTD: TXF: VXI: Como Estais...
  10. Kalata

    Third album with the line-up from 1990-1993

    I like that particular era of the band/ (early 90's). And I would have loved if we had a third album of Harris/Dickinson/Murray/Gers/McBrain, as much as I would have loved to see a album with Adrian in the 90's (after SSOASS) or a reunion album of a 5 piece band again. I think if the band...
  11. Kalata

    Iron Maiden backdrops over the years (WARNING: LOTB SETLIST SPOILERS)

    I decided to start this new project! I wanted to start it for quite a while. - Maiden started to use backdrops from ''No Prayer'' tour (if I'm not mistaken). I'm not gonna post all of the backdrops at once. I will update every time when I found all of the backdrops for a certain tour... so...
  12. Kalata

    Def Leppard

    It's about time to be created a thread for this band! One of the great NWOBHM bands. Classic band from the 80's ! Joe Elliott's voice is very good. Their best album is Pyromania [1983] IMO - one of the best rock albums of all time. My all time favorite song of theirs is ''Too Late For Love'' -...
  13. Kalata

    Maiden's plan: re-record the first 2 albums with Bruce in 1988 (Seventh Son era)

    What was the story behind that ? Probably the whole thing was scrapped when Adrian left. At least we have some songs - Prowler '88, Charlotte The Harlot '88, Wrathchild '99 and Bruce's Audition Tapes from 1981: Killers, Wrathchild and Twilight Zone. We know that Steve was not happy with the...
  14. Kalata

    Battle of the albums: SIT vs TFF

    Somewhere In Time vs The Final Frontier - futuristic classic vs space classic.... :p With both albums Maiden have experimented quite a bit IMHO, and the whole theme/feel of time and space. Which album do you like more? And to be more interesting I will add a poll with the songs head to head...
  15. Kalata

    Iron Maiden - all intros on all tours

    I wanted to make this thread for a while now and we discussed pretty much everything about Maiden, so why not... :p Enjoy, guys ! I'm gonna list them one by one now:
  16. Kalata

    Early Classic Epics: Maiden vs Priest vs Accept vs Saxon

    I did not add ''Hallowed Be Thy Name'' because it would have predetermined the winner. So, which one of the following epics you like the most ?
  17. Kalata

    Raising Hell video [1993]

    I'm curious to know what are your thoughts about this concert, guys ? I think it's a great show. Very good performance form the band and the magics were kinda fun to watch. Bruce has his most metal look there and the setlist included 1 song per album (back then).... well, I would have replaced...
  18. Kalata

    Your Top 10 songs of any band you want

    It was about time to be created a thread like this, so no one of you can complain about other threads specifically for top 10 of a certain band... The title of the thread speaks for itself ! Have fun, guys ! :p
  19. Kalata

    Bruce's best scream

    Only Maiden songs (studio recordings). That means I excluded the songs (with screams) which he originally doesn't sing on them, but he sang them live: Prowler '88 (studio version), Remember Tomorrow, Running Free, Wrathchild, Killers, Purgatory and Twilight Zone. I also excluded Bruce's solo...
  20. Kalata

    Which song is a better addition to TNOTB album ?

    The band has said several times, especially Steve and Bruce that they still regret of adding Gangland instead of Total Eclipse to The Number Of The Beast '82 album. They're both good songs (co-written by Clive), but I think Gangland is the better one.... so underrated song ! Gangland - I like...