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  1. rideon77

    San Diego 1998, The Best Blaze performance?

    I just found out this bootleg on YT after reading a lot of positive reviews and the fact it is described as the best Blaze performance with Maiden. I'm not sure about this but Blaze here absolutely rocks also on Bruce's tracks. Unfortunately some tracks are cut out early, like SOTC.
  2. rideon77

    My Vocal cover Of Fortunes Of War

    My Little tribute to Blaze Bayley and that beautiful underrated Maiden's Line Up. I'm, sorry for my accent but I'm Italian :)
  3. rideon77

    My vocal Cover of A Tale That Wasn't Right By Helloween

    Check it out if you wish. Soon I'll post some original stuff. I recorded this for fun at home with a cheap microphone, I added a delay to make the sound less "dry" and I think it works withe the mood of the song
  4. rideon77

    Tower Hill- Fighting Spirits ( Maiden like Sounding band).

    I just step on, the first song sounds like it could have be on Somewhere In Time , with another singer. I just love it