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  1. Whooten

    Least favourites on Senjutsu

    The complementary poll to your favorites off Senjutsu. Again, first impressions only and this poll closes in a month. I have limited it to just two choices on account of 1) this is MaidenFANS and 2) have you heard this album? What are your least favorite songs off of Senjutsu?
  2. Whooten

    Initial Favorites Off Senjutsu

    What are you initial favorite songs after your first few listens to Senjutsu? I'm only keeping this open a couple weeks and you can't change your vote--initial impressions only!
  3. Whooten

    Top 10 Albums by The Big Four

    The Metal Cup has been a really fun game exposing people all across the forum to music they may have otherwise not have heard. It cast a wide net to come to a consensus across the metal-sphere. Which got me thinking--can we come to a consensus on sub-genres of metal too? I'm kidding! Of course...
  4. Whooten

    Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction

    IF Iron Maiden were to be chosen for induction to the Rock Hall and IF they were to attend, they would have the opportunity to play a ~20 minutes set. What do you think they would play? Would they include Iron Maiden? Hallowed? Would they let Paul perform Wrathchild with them? 1) The Trooper 2)...
  5. Whooten

    Which camp are you in regarding album #17?

    There has been a lot of opinions offered on when Maiden will record the new album. Various quotes from band members indicated early-2019 as a possibility but we haven't heard anything concrete. Now that 2019 tour dates are up, there seems to be at least a couple of options. Sooner, later, or the...
  6. Whooten

    What are your 5 Favorite Songs from Book of Souls?

    What are your 5 Favorite Songs from Book of Souls?
  7. Whooten

    What 5 Songs from Book of Souls Do You Think Will be Played Live?

    Assuming they play 5 songs from Book of Souls, which do think are most likely?