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  1. Real World

    Any of the old lot still here?

    Been a while since I popped around these parts. Any of the old BBers from the old days pre 2006 still here? For anyone new here (probably most of you?) I built this website originally before passing it on. Miss those days and thought I'd check in :)
  2. Real World

    Why is nobody updating the website anymore?

    2012 was the last news post. It was never like this in my day ;)
  3. Real World

    Holy hamsters! This place is still going

    Shame the news page is a bit dead. Greets to anyone who remembers me. Up the Irons
  4. Real World

    Top 10 Albums of the year

    What are your top 10 albums of 2011. Here are mine though not all of them came out in 2011, they just got played most this year 1. Within Temptation - The Unforgiving (256) 2. Order of Voices - Order Of Voices (194) 3. We Are The Fallen - Tear The World Down (193) 4. Karnivool - Themata...
  5. Real World

    Oh no! I'm a nobody! :P

    My long standing reputation as the founder of the website has been revoked. I'm now a n00b. Remember me for who I was... not like this ;)
  6. Real World

    I may have seen my last Maiden gig

    Saw Maiden last night at Nottingham Arena. I won't drop any spoilers or anything hopefully with this post. It was a good gig but I fear it may be my last Maiden gig. I know, I know. Blasphemy right? Well let me explain. Tickets for last nights show were £40 including the booking fee. I took Mrs...
  7. Real World

    Final Frontier Ltd Edition Version

    Does anyone know whats special about the ltd edition CD version of the album? I can't find anywhere that actually says that its any different to the normal version
  8. Real World

    Buy my game!

    :bigsmile: If anyone has an iPhone and wants to see the kind of thing that has kept me away from this site for the last year then buy my app, Wang ball. Only 59p. I think its quite a fun game especially against a friend but would appreciate some feedback.
  9. Real World

    Read more links broken

    The read more links on the news page link to an error 404 page. Would be great if it could be fixed :)
  10. Real World

    North America Beware.

    Is this an amalgamation of many Eddies or some kind of sneak peak at the new album art?
  11. Real World

    Maidenfans For Sale ... e&nid=3244 Rest assured that should anyone purchase Maidenfans I will try to make sure that things do not change dramatically around here and that it has little or no affect on the fans. I love this site and I'm very proud of everything we've all...
  12. Real World

    This isn't maiden related but it is maidenfans related and since I'm boss round here I can post off topic posts here anyway ;) If everyone could take a look at this news post I made on the main site I would appreciate it. The forum is and always was the biggest drain on the server. If any of...
  13. Real World

    I'm a Dad!

    Just a quick message to let you know that as of 6:54am Tuesday morning I am the proud Dad of Hannah Ishbell Stephanie Conley (thats one name not triplets). Hannah was born weighing 8lb 2oz and was delivered by caesarean section following close to 24 hours in labour. Mother and baby are both...
  14. Real World

    Place Vendome

    Just mentioning Kiske in the other thread there made me remember, anyone heard Place Vendome? Michael Kiske backed by Pink Cream 69. Not bad at all!! I didn't know Kiske was even still making albums but it turns out he's done quite a bit in the last few years. I'd not heard anything since Supared.
  15. Real World

    Start 'em young

    Check it out ... s=products How awesome is that. My baby is going to be rocking! Also found this which made me laugh out loud. ... egory_id=9
  16. Real World

    Anyone here know any PHP

    I really am struggling to get Metalfans finished and with mini me expected around October I really could do with some help to get it going by then. Anyone know anyone who might be interested?
  17. Real World

    Maidenfans Fantasy Football League ... e&nid=3164 Hope some of you can join in if you follow English footy. See if you can beat me Nottingham Geordies ;) Howey the lads
  18. Real World

    What is the largest fish you can imagine?

    I can imagine one as big as a whale.
  19. Real World

    Maidenfans is back :)

    Sorry bout all that. We're back now. Let me know if anything fucks up. Hey if anyone has a account, login via the main site and click preferences link then enter the username in the box on that page. It won't do anything on maidenfans yet but it will do stuff on metalfans and if you do...
  20. Real World

    Latest Set List

    Has the set list for the tour changed since the first date? Are they still playing...