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  1. TheTalisman

    Post-Maiden Steve & Blaze band and setlist

    Inspired by @Jer 's recent thread - and by something mentioned briefly by Steve back in 2017: And now to the point, consider that Steve actually decides to put a together a new touring project, with Blaze as the...
  2. TheTalisman

    B-sides from The X Factor distributed digitally for the first time

    B-sides from The X Factor released through a digital release of the Best of the B-sides, from 2002. Tracks available: Judgement Day, Justice of the Peace, Blood on the World's Hands (live Gothenburg 1995), The Aftermath (live Gothenburg 1995), My Generation and Doctor Doctor.
  3. TheTalisman

    The Iron Maiden associated web archive thread

    There's lots of interesting things posted on past websites that's still accessible through the Wayback machine. Well, here's a few links to start out with: Blaze-era The original site from 1996:
  4. TheTalisman

    Guitar solos on Brave New World

    The Wicker Man: Adrian. Ghost of the Navigator: Janick. Brave New World: #1 Janick, #2 Dave. Blood Brothers: #1 Dave, #2 Janick. The Mercenary: #1 Dave, #2 Adrian. Dream of Mirrors: Janick. The Fallen Angel: #1 Adrian, #2 Dave, #3 Janick. The Nomad: #1 Adrian, #2 Janick, #3 Dave (plays the...
  5. TheTalisman

    The Raven Age

    The band have signed a record deal with BMG and are touring Europe with Anthrax. The debut album "Darkness will Rise" will be released in march. Sounds quite good to me.
  6. TheTalisman

    Styx - Brave New World

    In 1999, the band Styx, released the album "Brave New World" - featuring the songs Brave New World, Fallen Angel and Brave New World (Reprise) on CMC International. The record sounds good and I like the song titles. :p