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  1. Meliegree

    Steve's best album?

    Today we have the premiere of "Senjutsu", which as everyone knows - ends with three songs written by 'Arry. So it's time to ask yourself - which album is Steve's best album? The best in terms of sound, playing and songs written by him. For me - quite hard but I would say: 1) Seventh Son 2)...
  2. Meliegree

    Who was auditioned to replace Blaze?

    Ok, yesterday I found an interesting and old article from MTV website: And this part caught my attention: Do we know anything about that? Who was on Steve's list to replace Blaze, beside Dickinson? This part...
  3. Meliegree

    How to deal with rejection? Or something like that.

    Hello friends! This topic is result of sadness, beer and being angry with myself. But it's always nice to talki with people who maybe know more than you do, right? I lost my job. Nothing special, happens all the time. Problem is - I just can't find something else. My social skills are like -5...
  4. Meliegree

    Will they play... [LOTB tread - spoilers?]

    let see how optimistic we all are :)