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  1. Black Bart

    Setlists topic : how do Iron Maiden and the other bands compare?

    In order not to derail the Senjutsu thread too much, here is a space to compare Maiden's and, say, Metallica's approach to their setlists. As far as I'm concerned, production and musical proficiency are the two main elements to be taken into account. As someone remarked in the aforementioned...
  2. Black Bart

    Another pointless thread until we get real news : what two-album gap is the most impressive, stylistically speaking?

    As far as I'm concerned, I can think of the leap between Piece of Mind and Killers. I'm quite sure somebody who doesn't know Maiden much wouldn't believe right away that it is the same band. Runner-up couple: Seventh Son and Fear of the Dark. Your thoughts?
  3. Black Bart

    This Is Us

    Anybody into this TV show?
  4. Black Bart

    Hellfest 2020

  5. Black Bart


    I wish the circumstances for opening this thread were different. R.I.P André Matos (1971-2019) :(
  6. Black Bart

    Welcome to the Buffyverse

    A thread to talk about all things related to Buffy The Vampire Slayer (the film, the series and the graphic novels), Angel, and the whereabouts of the actors involved in them and Joss Whedon, or Buffy studies ( I am currently in the process of...
  7. Black Bart's IM songs rankings from worst to best One might find some choices a bit odd but at least the style in which it is written is rather funny. e. g Guess which song it is about? :D EDIT published on August 9th
  8. Black Bart

    What are the IM-related items that you've bought but never listen to/watch/use?

    As far I'm concerned, I am not a die-hard collector: I lay my hands on what I stumble upon by chance but I never plan to buy anything "extra" unless it's still new so while it can be found at a reasonable price (e.g the two box sets of albums on vinyls). I own but never (or extremely seldom)...
  9. Black Bart

    The parody and mash-up thread

    Here is a place to have fun with what artists painstakingly put out to the world. Blasphemies welcome! :) This took actual writing (and great one to boot). ;)
  10. Black Bart

    Caught Somewhere in Translation

    I am a fully qualified ("agrégé") English teacher in France, and I have been thinking of translating What Does This Button Do into French, more for the sheer pleasure of it than for money (it is extremely difficult to make a living off translation alone in France). I have created this thread...
  11. Black Bart

    Sons of Apollo

    A thread to discuss everything about this new band consisting of: Jeff Scott Soto - Vocals Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal - Guitars Billy Sheehan - Bass Mike Portnoy - Drums Derek Sherinian - Keyboards (The point is mostly not to hijack the thread about Dream Theater ;) - feel free to repost all...
  12. Black Bart

    Your favourite vinyl side (live albums included)

    Now that all the vinyls have been released, if you had to pick one side of an Iron Maiden vinyl as your favourite one (or 'favorite' if you live "across the sea"), which one would it be? As for me, it would be the fourth side of Live After Death (Wrathchild/22AA/COTD/DWYBO/POTO). Runners-up...
  13. Black Bart

    Your favourite Bruce Dickinson covers

    Pick three of them. Of course, Maiden songs covered from 1993 to 1999 don't count. Most of these covers can be found on YouTube. Feel free to mention those I have forgotten. My choice right now (in no particular order): "Delilah" - "Wishing Well" - "Burn" EDIT Addition: "Travelling in Style"...
  14. Black Bart

    Non official video collection - full shows (1980-1999)

    These videos are either fan-filmed or shot and broadcast by TV channels. As far as I know, none of those have been released officially (Rock in Rio I has not been used fully by the band; Donington 1992 is from another source). They all correspond to complete or almost complete concerts. 1981...
  15. Black Bart

    "The fuel for me is running loooowww" or Bruce's emergency landing Bruce had...