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  1. chaosapiant

    Can I give you money?

    Question: is there an option hidden somewhere to pay a fee and drop ads from this site? I tend to use this forum mainly on my iPhone and the ads that pop up block me from being able to do somethings unless I up-arrow them. Speaking specifically about the banner ads across the top of the page...
  2. chaosapiant

    Quick 2014 debut remaster question

    Not sure where else to put this, but here goes: Is the 2014 180 gram vinyl remaster of the debut album supposed to come packaged with liner notes/lyrics? My copy has the cardboard outer sleeve, an inner sleeve that holds the record, and literally nothing else. Is this accurate? If this...
  3. chaosapiant


    Howdy y’all! I searched back about 10 pages and didn’t see a Moonspell topic. So here it is. Apologies if one already exists. Their new album is coming out on the 26th of this month, and they’ve released three songs from it on YouTube. I’ve been a fan of the band since Wolfheart and all...
  4. chaosapiant

    Soundhouse Tapes 2002 reissue CD

    See the subject line? I want that. Please send it to me and I'll give you money if I can afford to do so. It'll depend on how much money. The lower the number, the higher the chance I have that much money. As the number of required money rises, I have less of a chance of having that much money.
  5. chaosapiant

    Your Maiden collection, what's in it?

    What's in your Iron Maiden collection? Which items are the most rare? How long have you been collecting? Which items hold the most personal or sentimental value to you? That's what this thread is asking. I've been collecting Iron Maiden for over 20 years at this point (technically over 30...
  6. chaosapiant

    Little musical cues that you love

    So I was driving in my car this morning into work and listening, as I often do, to Iron Maiden. In today's rotation was the back half of Somewhere in Time. Specifically, Alexander the Great. I always notice this little bit of a bent chord on the last words of each verse, unsure what to call...
  7. chaosapiant

    What made Clive so special?

    I'm not a drummer. I hear lots of drummers on a regular basis though. My question is literally in the subject: why was Clive so well regarded as a drummer? When I listen to Nicko, he just blows away Clive in every sense, and most other drummers as well. In an age where everyone is trying to...
  8. chaosapiant

    Dance of Death DVD Audio

    In looking to expand my Maiden collection, I'd like to know if the Dance of Death DVD Audio is "worth it" for purchase. New copies go for $100+ on Ebay, and I'm wondering how much work went into making this album sound good in 5.1 surround. I've got the original CD release, the Onkyo lossless...
  9. chaosapiant

    Best way to store Iron Maiden Vinyl boxset vinyls?

    Hoping someone can help me. I've got the two new remastered vinyl Maiden box sets: the 1980-88 and 90-2015 ones. I have all the remastered vinyls in the box. I'm wondering about long term storage. I'm not likely to play these except at some point down the road, and only sparingly. But I...
  10. chaosapiant


    Just curious what books people like regarding Iron Maiden. I own and have read Run to the Hills, 1st and 3rd editions, 30 Years of the Beast, What Does This Button Do by Bruce, and Maiden Voyage, which is an unoffical biography or such of Bruce. For xmas my girlyfriendy got me the Martin...
  11. chaosapiant

    Whose Lamia?

    Opening lyric of “prodigal son,” what’s it mean? Who’s Lamia?
  12. chaosapiant

    Blaze touring issues?

    Ive read that one of the big reasons Maiden dumped Blaze was because of having to cancel lots of gigs because he was under the weather or couldn’t perform, or not performing well some nights. Is there anywhere to get more details on this? Is there a way to find out what tour dates were...
  13. chaosapiant

    Looking for Bootlegs from 95/96, 90/91, and 86/87

    I'm not sure where else to post this, but are there any good, full soundboard bootlegs of shows from the X Factor, Somewhere in Time, and No Prayer for the Dying Tours? I've got some good stuff in mp3 I could offer for the help, such as Blaze's last show (I think? Buenos Aires 1998) and it...
  14. chaosapiant

    How did you feel when the reunion was announced in 1999?

    So the title of this thread says it all. What were your feelings as a fan in 1999 thinking that Blaze and Virtual XI would be the template for all future Maiden? For me ecstatic is not the word. Bruce is coming back? Adrian too?? Three guitarists? I've never cared much about family but the...
  15. chaosapiant

    Bruce's Maiden England performance

    I've seen two shows from the 2012/2013 Maiden England show, and wanted to get some feed back from other folks who have seen the show. I'm primarly concerned with Bruce's performance on these shows. On the first show, he was high energy, hitting all the right notes, but simply not holding...
  16. chaosapiant

    Who will carry the torch?

    One of the things that is bothering me over the past few years, is knowing in the back of my mind that sometime, soon, the Maiden machine will call it quits.  I believe optimistically we can expect MAYBE 2 more albms and accompanying tours.  Maiden will always be my favorite band.  So, my...
  17. chaosapiant

    How does Bruce "compare" to similar vocalists?

    Iron Maiden is one of the very few bands I listen to with a higher registered vocalist, so I have no idea how he compares to the current generation of power metal/heavy metal vocalists, and was curious as to what people's opinions were.  Personally, i don't think I've ever heard anyone...
  18. chaosapiant

    The effect of music as observed by me...

    True story, and funny.  Yesterday at work around noon my wife calls me to see what i'm doing for lunch.  We meet up and have big ass burritos.  Since she recently became more interested in Motorhead after watching the "Lemmy" movie, she wanted to borrow their new CD, "The World is Yours."  I let...
  19. chaosapiant

    What was Blaze like live?

    I've seen some you tube vids, but I want to know from the Maiden faithful here what they thought of seeing Blaze with Maiden live in the flesh.  From the vids i've seen, he looks awkward at best, and i'm hoping to hear that he was a great frontman for Maiden, though I suspect he wasn't.
  20. chaosapiant

    Worst Single Lyric/Line

    Listening to VXI the other day inspired me to start this thread.  What is your single least favorite line in all of Maiden's lyrics?  I found mine: "There’s a lone dog howls in the park" That line just kills me with the grammar that it almost makes no damn sense.  I still love the way Blaze...