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  1. FTB

    What do you look like?

    I was wondering who I am sometimes chatting with, so maybe to get a picture of you all, how do you guys (girls) look like? Don't be shy, i even start :) Thats Me, 30 , from Germany
  2. FTB

    Next Iron Maiden Album?

    I know , I know The Book of Souls isn't even officially out yet (is this moron really talking about a new Album here?), but when (if) will it be? Apparently each Member brought in about 1 Hour of original Music, which was used in bits and parts, so there must be some / alot of leftovers to...
  3. FTB

    Band Members Favorite Maiden Albums?

    Is there any Info on this? I remember some sort of Interview with Nicko where he stated Powerslave , AMOLAD and another one as his favorite Records. Are there any official Statements from Steve , H and the Rest what their favorite Maiden Albums are? (Aside from always the Newest One being "The...