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  1. RTC

    The forum should have a 5 post limit before being allowed to make threads.

    This will hopefully cut down on the amount of spam threads that the spambots create every night/early morning.
  2. RTC

    Two US TV journalists shot dead on air Christ, the fact that this happened on live television, when anyone, including children could have been watching is horrific. My thoughts are with the families, friends and colleagues of the victims, as well as those who had to witness this...
  3. RTC

    Maiden Songs That Are Growing On You

    Simple enough premise, discuss some of the Maiden songs that are growing on you as of late. I've really started to enjoy The Talisman recently. I always thought it was a good song, but it was always a song I just respected and didn't love. Those riffs at the 3:44 point kick so much ass.
  4. RTC

    DEATH SURVIVOR - Round 6 [abandoned]

    Welcome to the Death Survivor! All 7 Death studio albums will be in this game. Bonus songs are also included. We start off with the first two Death albums - Scream Bloody Gore and Leprosy. The two bonus songs are Beyond The Unholy Grave and Land Of No Return. Enjoy!
  5. RTC

    30 Years Ago Today...

    Not only is this my favourite Iron Maiden album, but it's my favourite album of all-time. An absolute masterpiece from beginning to end. The production is sublime, the songs are pretty much all exceptional, the cover is atmospheric and its contributions to the entire genre cannot be denied. This...
  6. RTC

    Fans Start Petition To Bring Back Derek Riggs Other than maybe FOTD and AMOLAD Eddie, which other Eddies post Riggs sell? On the flip-side, other than the original Eddie, which Eddies with Riggs don't sell? Nothing...