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  1. lira

    Jenny Darren and Ladykillers campaign

    Hi folks, the Jenny Darren artist, who recorded and played live with Nicko McBrain in 1980, is launching a campaign for her new project called LADYKILLERS. Official announcement follows: "Hi there, my name is. 'Jenny Darren'. I am a British female rock vocalist. Nicko McBrain, the drummer with...
  2. lira

    Nicko McBrain - The Blossom Toes / B.B. Blunder / Stud - question

    I am on a quest to discover when (or if) Nicko really got involved with any of the THE BLOSSOM TOES members. There are a few sites suggesting Nicko played on the last BT lineup, comprised of Brian Godding (voc, gtr), Jim Cregan (gtr), Brian Belshaw (b), but I'm pretty sure this NEVER happened...