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  1. Ranko

    Disc 1 vs Disc 2 (yeah, Travis is going to kill me)

    Sorry Travis, but I want to know what everyone thinks - which disc is better? For me it's definitely Disc 2 - it starts with three great rockers, then the deep Man of Sorrows and EOTC. On Disc 1 I adore IESF and SOL is pretty cool, but TRATB just kills the momentum. I haven't gotten into TBOS yet.
  2. Ranko

    Mastered for iTunes

    I see that there's a version of the album that's mastered for iTunes... I take it it would be more compressed than the CD version? Can anyone compare the two versions?
  3. Ranko

    Songs not meant to be played live

    I've been thinking about this for a while now, and comparing Maiden with another band that I really like on the same level, Dream Theater. While Maiden have about 40% of their discography that has never been played (or something near that number if I'm not terribly wrong), DT have played live...
  4. Ranko

    Any televised show(s) from the first leg of TFF tour?

    As the subject says, have there been any televised shows (or decent quality video bootlegs) from the first leg of The Final Frontier tour, i.e. the leg that basically consisted of 2000s material plus El Dorado?
  5. Ranko

    Newbie rush

    Is there a way to curb all these newbies (I would have written "n00bs", but l33t speak is forbidden :D) in the Iron Maiden forum? I mean, there have been 10 different speculative threads about setlists in the last month, ten more threads about favorite or least favorite songs... It's a bit...
  6. Ranko

    Who can build a mile-high tower?

    Only one man. You've guessed it - Adrian Smith.
  7. Ranko

    Steve Harris - The Clairvoyant (a book)

    Edit: I have a few copies of the book left, if anyone's interested, please PM me. Original post follows below: As someone posted something about a "Maiden studio experience" book, I'd like to post something about a book I've been working on, together with Stipe Juras (known as 'Maidencroatia'...
  8. Ranko

    Q: Jersey worn by Steve

    A friend of mine (Maidencroatia from the official forum) is selling some stuff. Among that stuff is a Virtual XI era football jersey which was worn by Steve during a gig he attended and was given to him by Steve personally (because he gave Steve a Hajduk Split FC jersey with Slaven Bilic's name...
  9. Ranko

    Anyone from Hungary here?

    I'm planning to go to the Sziget fest to see Maiden, but I'm planning to stick around for another day and take a little tour of Budapest while I'm there with my friends. So, if there's someone here who's from Budapest or knows his way around the town and the festival, I'd like to have a few...
  10. Ranko

    The Man Who Would Be King

    I just finished watching The Man Who Would Be King, a movie from 1975 starring Sean Connery, Michael Caine and Christopher Plummer. After having seen it, I'd say that there's a pretty good chance the song is related either to the movie or Rudyard Kipling's book of the same name and theme. The...
  11. Ranko

    European tour 2010

    I didn't find a topic so I created this one - an Italian tour date has just been published on the official Maiden site, it's Udine (northeast Italy), on August 17th 2010. ... cleid=1188 Maybe this should be the official European tour 2010 thread? I'm...
  12. Ranko

    New album: The Final Frontier!

    The new album will be called The Final Frontier! ... cleid=1184 (the article is unavailable as of yet, but the title is there, look at the title of your web browser)! Go directly to , the above link isn't working.
  13. Ranko

    First summer 2010 festival date!

    Check out the official Maiden web, it has this picture posted: Then, check out Sonisphere Festival's facebook/twitter page: "Major announcement coming this Wednesday at 6 pm", which coincides with the pic above. We've got ourselves our first Summer 2010 festival date!
  14. Ranko

    Seventh Son font

    Does anyone have the font that was used for the title of Seventh Son of a Seventh Son? I've managed to find virtually all others (check this site out), but no SSoaSS... Any help? If not a font, I could also use a vectorized version of the text... Thanks!
  15. Ranko

    Bruce interview in Metal Hammer

    Check out this article, you have the links to the six scanned pages of Metal Hammer with Bruce's interview. He has stated some interesting things, here are the quotes: "I'm looking forward to this so much. Looking at the setlist for this tour, I keep having to pinch myself, thinking about the...
  16. Ranko

    Maiden signed merchandise rights to EMI

    Copy-paste from the news section: According to This Is Money, British heavy metal legends Iron Maiden were one of the first EMI artists to sign multiple rights contracts, allowing the music giant to profit from all aspects of their careers, from CDs to T-shirt sales. Traditionally, music...
  17. Ranko

    Blaze - Alive in Poland

    I've just seen some of the live footage from the Alive In Poland DVD, you can find it on YouTube. The drummer that played there really sucks (he was also sacked sometime after the release of the DVD), he's really sloppy and nowhere near the majestic talent and skill of Jeff Singer. As for the...