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  1. Lampwick 43

    2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing

    The games are underway. What events are you watching?
  2. Lampwick 43

    Brag Thread

    Think of it as the opposite of the Rant Thread. Here you can brag and boast about cool/great/awesome things you did, or that happened to you. It can rage anywhere from major life milestones, to extremely minor things such as getting a really nice parking spot. Brag away!
  3. Lampwick 43

    Post your pets!

    My latest post in the 100k thread lit off a lightbulb. We need a thread dedicated to the pets of MaidenFans! Whether it be dog, cat, hamster, guinea pig, fish, turtle, rat, snake, whatever it is, let's see them! I'll start it off by sharing some pics of the family dogs.
  4. Lampwick 43

    A cause for celebration

    It's @terrell39's birthday!! :hbd::cheers:
  5. Lampwick 43

    A devout Janickist

    Happy birthday to @Black Abyss Babe!! :hbd::cheers:
  6. Lampwick 43

    'Tis the season

    It's finally here. That special day when people all around the world unite in celebration on the anniversary of the birth of the @Night Prowler! :hbd::cheers:
  7. Lampwick 43

    Note this down

    It's @Lamia020281's birthday!! :hbd: :cheers:
  8. Lampwick 43

    The black metal Bulgarian

    Happy birthday to @Magnus!! :hbd: :cheers:
  9. Lampwick 43

    The wind beneath our wings

    Happy birthday to @Dr. Eddies Wingman! :hbd: :cheers:
  10. Lampwick 43

    Better late than never

    Happy (nearly belated) birthday to @Collin! :hbd::cheers:
  11. Lampwick 43

    South of the border

    @Onhell is celebrating a birthday! :hbd: :cheers:
  12. Lampwick 43

    Have a drink or six

    Because it's @Niall Kielt's birthday! :hbd: :cheers:
  13. Lampwick 43

    Another big day

    It's @Shmoolikipod's birthday! :hbd::cheers:
  14. Lampwick 43

    Bark at the Moon

    And wish a very happy birthday to @mckindog!! :hbd: :cheers:
  15. Lampwick 43

    The Hidden Gem of Maidenfans

    Happy birthday to @Kalata!! :hbd: :cheers:
  16. Lampwick 43

    A day we can all like..

    Because It's @terrell39's birthday! :hbd: :cheers:
  17. Lampwick 43

    There's no need to be bored...

    ..Because it's @Saapanael's birthday!! :hbd: :cheers: Happy birthday buddy, I know you'll find out a way to have a kickass day!
  18. Lampwick 43

    A Wizard is never too old. Nor is he too young.

    He is precisely the age he needs to be. Happy birthday to @Black Wizard! :hbd: :cheers:
  19. Lampwick 43

    This day is a perfect 10/10

    ..because it's none other than @Diesel 11's birthday!! :hbd: :cheers: