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  1. SomewhereInTime84

    90s Nickelodeon shows

    So, since this is an Iron Maiden forum, a band from the 80s of course, I would probably guess that there aren't too many youngsters on here who want to reminisce about 90s stuff, but, being that I was born in '84, I was a kid in the 90s and practically devoted my life to Nickelodeon from about...
  2. SomewhereInTime84

    RIP Scott Weiland

    Well I'm sure everyone has heard the tragic news by now about former STP and Velvet Revolver frontman Scott Weiland.. but, if you didn't, he was found dead on his tour bus at age 48 on Thursday night:( Sounds like it was a cocaine overdose that killed him... Well, Scott had his problems with...
  3. SomewhereInTime84

    The Winery Dogs

    I didn't see a thread about The Winery Dogs made, so I shall start one: The Winery Dogs are just an all-around excellent band, I really love their sound! Their 3 talents really blend together well- of course nothing needs to be said about Portnoy that hasn't been said already.. and, Richie...
  4. SomewhereInTime84

    Fates Warning + Arch / Matheos

    Well I looked around to see if there was a Fates Warning thread, and I didn't find one, so, I guess I shall start one: Fates Warning are an excellent band, one of my all-time favorites! A very underrated band IMO, don't get why they're not as popular as Dream Theater or Queensryche, they pretty...
  5. SomewhereInTime84

    Alter Bridge / Tremonti

    Well, I didn't see any threads for Alter Bridge on here, and they seem to get a good positive vibe on here, so, I guess I'll start a thread about them.. For anyone not familiar with who they are: Alter Bridge are the members of Creed, with a different singer instead of Scott Stapp, and they are...
  6. SomewhereInTime84

    Happy St Pattys Day

    Hope everyone is having a fun and safe St Patty's Day, may the luck of the Irish be with you! :cheers:
  7. SomewhereInTime84

    Irish/Celtic music

    Well since today is St Pattys Day of course I'm in the mood for anything Irish/Celtic sounding, hopefully there's some other Celtic music fans here, I love it! I like the Dropkick Murphys, The Pogues, and The Young Dubliners
  8. SomewhereInTime84

    The Anti Valentines Day Thread

    Well V-Day is not one of my favorite holidays, I guess you could say it is my all time LEAST favorite, a stupid sappy holiday for Hallmark to make a few extra bucks on dumb cards... And, obviously it can not be a fun day to be single, but on the other hand, it's a nice advantage not having to...
  9. SomewhereInTime84

    Good books about metal/hard rock

    Does anyone here recommend any good hard rock/metal-related books? It could be a guide book, a memoir, a history book, or whatever, if it's a book relating to hard rock/metal, list it! Here are some I like: "Eddie Trunk's Essential Hard Rock and Heavy Metal", both volumes: My bibles!!! Great...
  10. SomewhereInTime84

    Favorite music-related movies?

    List your favorite music-related movies, here are mine: DETROIT ROCK CITY(1999): Great underrated comedy with a great soundtrack... Can be enjoyed by any rock fan, regardless of whether or not you like KISS PUMP UP THE VOLUME(1989): Great movie, don't we all wish we could radio stations from...
  11. SomewhereInTime84

    Maiden references in movies or TV shows

    I thought it would be fun to list movies and shows in which Maiden are either referred to or something with them on it is seen, here are the ones I can think of: In an episode of Beavis and Butt-Head, they were in jail for the day and their cell...
  12. SomewhereInTime84

    That Metal Show

    Well I didn't see any threads started about That Metal Show, so I guess I'll start one... I guess not much needs to be said about TMS that hasn't been said already, it's a great show that I always look forward to watching.. Eddie, Jim, and Don are all hillarious and work well together, and they...
  13. SomewhereInTime84

    deviant art

    Just curious if anyone here has a deviantart page.. Deviant Art is a great web site where you can post anything of any kind of art that is yours- photos, drawings, paintings, writings, etc.. There's my page on there, will definitley accept any Watch requests
  14. SomewhereInTime84

    the I Love Autumn thread

    I just wanted to make a thread on how much fall is my favorite season, or autumn or whatever you want to call it... Can't express how much I love this season.. I love nice cool fall weather, the nice fall colors on the trees, Halloween decorations, anything apple or pumpkin, etc... I especially...
  15. SomewhereInTime84

    The Concert Thread

    Post your upcoming concert schedules and/or reviews here, here are my upcoming shows: This Thursday, 10/9: Within Temptation 10/18: Drive By Truckers(good southern rock/alt-country band) 10/30: Robin Trower(guitarist of 70s prog band Protocol Hartum) 11/8: Eric Johnson (really awesome rock...