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    Maiden album sales!
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    Each Studio album using one word.

    Hello guys. Hope everyone is doing ok. I've been away for quite some time now. I had this idea while driving yesterday.. I think it would be fun to actually say which is the first -one word - that comes to mind while thinking of each studio album. Here is my take 1) Iron Maiden - Punky 2)...
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    Speed of Light: Blaze or Maiden?

    I find it hard to chose between the two songs. I prefer Blaze's version for the time being
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    Fastest Maiden song ever!?

    I think it is too good of a discussion and needs a seperate thread. Gangland maybe?!To be honest with you I do not even know how the bits per minute are counted.Is it the ride cymbal? So far it seems that the crown goes to Purgatory?! But what about Loneliness?!
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    Maiden and the loudness war

    I found this: It surely shows how Kevin feels about the mastering of DOD and what they did in order to avoid this in the later albums