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    Bruce Was Offered A Job By Blackmore.

    Take a look at this, it claims that Bruce Diskinson was offered the chance to join Rainbow in 1981.
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    The Prisoner's Backwards Message And It Isn't Even Maiden

    Play the intro to the Prisoner, On vinyl if you have it, Where he says i am not a number i am a free man, just before he laughs play it back from there, and it says DAMN YOU FROM HELL I AM ANOTHER MAN. If anyone else can hear this, REPLY.
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    Blaze Interview Feb 4th 2006

    This is the interview from last saturday:
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    Maiden Bootlegs

    I have noticed on another Maiden forum that they have a bootleg's thread, should we start one on here, posting boot's for people who don't have any and for people who require more, and to share.
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    Best Video or DVD

    What do you think is the best Maiden Video or DVD, I think the Early Days is far and away the best because of the amount of information and live performances on it, But a close second would be Live After Death, Because as a live video goes this is fantastic.
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    Drifter Live + one and Sanctuary B-Side

    The Sanctuary B-side of Drifter is different to the one on Live + One, but there are two versions of this track, they are both the same recording but one is edited, and altered, could you tell me if one of these is on the Live + One recording, and if it is which one, cos I dont think it is the...
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    Clive Burr drum kit

    Can anyone tell me what type of Tama kit Clive had, or was it a custom kit, and also some information on his Ludwig kit. thanks
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    Beast over Hammersmith

    Has anybody reviewed Beast over Hammersmith yet.