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    Another Edit (:

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    Nearly time for the season

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    Image Edit

    Cough Cough Cough
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    My Complete B-Sides Checklist

    This is all the b-sides I currently have 1980 1. Burning Ambition 2. Drifter (Live) 3. I've Got The Fire (Live) 4. Invasion 5. Phantom Of The Opera (Live) 1981 6. Wrathchild 7. Genghis Khan 8. Wrathchild (Live) 9. Killers (Live) 10. Innocent Exile (Live) +Genghis Khan(Wrathchild Single) 1982...
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    Looking for audio from a concert

    Universal Amphitheater Night One Janurary 30th 2004 Bruce Falls Over Janic Gets Hit With Beer Bottle I need this concert and have been unsuccessful in finding it
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    Here you guys, I've found a slightly better scan of one of the RAREST EDDIES EVER.

    I've cleaned it up to the best of my abilities. This is my 3rd time uploading this artwork I think. This is a better scan and I've cleaned it up as much as possible. The artist is Derek Riggs Created between 1993-1995
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    Does anyone have this artwork?

    I really want that Futureal artwork
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    Need help finding Iron Maiden READING FESTIVAL 1980 bootleg

    I cannot find any mp3s for the bootleg other than a few YouTube uploads. Does anyone here have the bootleg for download?
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    What 1990-1991 No Prayer On The Road Bootlegs are good?

    I'm trying to find soundboard recordings of the No Prayer On The Road Tour. What bootlegs (Other than Sledgehammer) are really good?
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    Can't Find the full version of this 1993 unused album cover.

    Been trying to track this down for a long time. I've found some examples.