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  1. Infinite17

    "The Book of Souls" - Official pre-release thread (CONTAINS ALBUM SPOILERS)

    So Im looking to buy the vinyl edition next week. On amazon, the only thing available is the UK import for $70. The Maiden site has it for the US for $29.99. Ideally, Id like to buy the album at a local record shop. Does anyone know whether that will indeed be an option?
  2. Infinite17

    Which is your favoure Bruce's vocal performance?

    For the Greater Good of God is stunning.
  3. Infinite17

    Whats wrong with NPFTD And FOTD albums?

    I always enjoyed Fear of the Dark, and think it *may* the most underrated albums in the Maiden cannon. It is a classic? Of course not. But its a solid album. Great cover to boot.
  4. Infinite17

    Speed of Light - Official Music Video Thread

    Rainmaker is a cool tune, but I like the riff better on SOL
  5. Infinite17

    Speed of Light - Official Music Video Thread

    I think its the best single of the reunion era with the exception of Wicker Man. Its a good (not great), catchy tune. The production is lacking to these ears. No indication of how the rest of the album will be (as was the case w/ TFF/AMOLAD).
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    Your Maiden blasphemy

    +3 I got to see the AMOLAD tour and would love to hear a bunch of those tunes again live. A tour focusing on the new album, TFF and AMOLAD would be tremendous.
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    Your Maiden blasphemy

    Agree with you, IMHO this album is overrated. But the songs *I* like are the title track, Stranger in a Strange Land, and the great Sea of Madness.
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    Your Maiden blasphemy

    Ha! What can I say felt a bit daring this morning.
  9. Infinite17

    Your Maiden blasphemy

    Fear of the Dark is a good album.
  10. Infinite17

    Sign of the Cross

    10/10 easily for me. One of the greatest Maiden songs ever written. Would love to see this back in the setlist next tour. Quick question -- read somewhere that this song was written by Steve while Bruce was still in the band -- true?
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    Why A Matter Of Life and Death is Iron Maidens best album

    Still think its their best overall regardless, powerful tune.
  12. Infinite17

    Fear of the Dark

  13. Infinite17

    Why A Matter Of Life and Death is Iron Maidens best album

    Hands down the best song of the reunion era, IMHO of course.
  14. Infinite17

    Fear of the Dark

    Like all those tunes, as well as Judas My Guide, Childhood's End, Fugitive, Chains of Misery...
  15. Infinite17

    Afraid to Shoot Strangers

    Definitely a great one, but not my favorite on the album
  16. Infinite17

    Fear of the Dark

    I gave it a 6...actually my least favorite song on the album. Think Im in the minority on this board but I think FOTD is a good (not great) Maiden album.
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    Genesis Survivor finished: Rejoice, the farce has ended! - Results Thread

    Least favorite of this bunch: afterglow, home by the sea (never got that one), & In the Cage
  18. Infinite17

    Your Top 10 Maiden Songs

    Not in order: 1)Revelations 2)Infinite Dreams 3)For The Greater Good of God 4)Rime 5)Moonchild 6)Where Eagles Dare 7)Stranger in a Strange Land 8)Seventh Son of a Seventh Son 9)Hallowed 10)These Colours Dont Run
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    How do you guys feel about the newer Maiden albums?

    Love the post-reunion material. Ranks right behind the classic era and I even rank some of the "new" albums higher than the classics (AMOLAD is a top 5, maybe 3).Amazing that this band is still firing on all cylinders - live and in the studio and are as great as theyve ever been.
  20. Infinite17

    Favorite drum intro?

    VH - Little Guitars Rush - Animate And, of course, Where Eagles Dare.