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  1. AncientMariner_Essex

    Adrian’s Book

    Thought I’d ask if anyone has picked up Adrian's book which was released today. I wanted to know if anyone who has picked it up has had a chance to read any of it and what their initial thoughts were. I’ll probably get it anyway but was slightly put off thinking it will go into too much detail...
  2. AncientMariner_Essex


    thought I’d ask if theirs any fans around of this classic British band. I’ve heard of them over the years but just never seemed to check them out until recently. I heard a snippet of a track off their recently released new album, lost on the road to eternity which I really liked. After a bit...
  3. AncientMariner_Essex


    I see there’s not much love for these guys round here, don’t even have their own thread lol. Picked up the new album today and only managed one spin so far but sounds pretty good so far. Pretty much more of silence in the snow only a bit heavier and some screaming growling vocals back. Do t...
  4. AncientMariner_Essex

    Iron Maiden on top of the pops UK

    I was wondering if the more learned Maiden fans on this forum could answer a question that has been bugging me and a mate of mine. Last night I was talking with a mate and I can't remember how it got brought up but we were talking about Iron Maiden on top of the pops. We know the played running...