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  1. srfc

    Angel and the Gambler US Promo wanted

    If anyone has the Angel and the Gambler US Promo for sale please let me know.
  2. srfc

    Metal Number 1 Singles in the UK charts

    We all know Bring Your Daughter... ...To The Slaughter was a UK number 1 single. But it may also be the only bona fide heavy metal track to achieve this feat. By my reckoning these are the only metal or metal adjacent tracks...
  3. srfc

    Question about Dortmund 83

    "Sanctuary" "The Trooper" "Revelations" "Flight of Icarus" "22 Acacia Avenue" "The Number of the Beast" "Run to the Hills" Was this a selection of songs from a regular full gig World Piece Tour set picked for the TV broadcast, or did they play a short set and they have broadcast the majority of...
  4. srfc

    another SRFC ridiculous nerd thread: the original video of FOTD back in the day is not the same as what's on youtube now

    I was discussing the FOTD Live single with mckindog in the spotify thread. My memory from back in the day was that the video footage of the single was from Donington but that the audio was not, that it was the same as on ARLO i.e. the audio was from Helsinki. The video on youtube now has the...
  5. srfc

    Question for old school fans: Was there a Promo video for Run to the Hill live single from Live After Death?

    I notice a while back that on Maiden's youtube page there's promo videos for pretty much all their singles uploaded, even some singles that weren't released e.g. Tailgunner. However there is no promos for Running Free (Live) and Run to the Hills (Live). I though this could be an oversight, but...
  6. srfc

    Complete tracklisting of every Maiden single

    Just realised you can export playlists from itunes and it occured to me that my playlist of all Maiden singles may have some nerd value which would be appropriate for this forum. I've included every track on every format of all Maiden singles, so not only does this count the A sides as well as...
  7. srfc

    Empire of the Clouds single. Does it play at the right speed?

    I just ripped this from my vinyl of the single. It seems to be on the vinyl at the wrong speed, either that or there's something up with my record player. Can someone else check their vinyl? Running time is 17:38 and when you play it back to back with the digital version you can hear it's a...
  8. srfc

    Twilight Zone/Wrathchild single release date

    I see wikipedia has the release date for the double a side of Twilight Zone and Wrathchild as 2nd March 1981. This would appear to be correct as the official charts website has it charting on the 14th March, wiki also...
  9. srfc

    Ripping the videos from the 1998 Enhanced CDs

    I'm trying to rip the videos* from all the 1998 CDs. Usually this should be easy to do, you can copy and paste the files in file explorer. I can do this on the first album, Piece of Mind, SSOASS and No Prayer. However, for the rest of them, the folder the files should be in is empty. Anyone...
  10. srfc

    Sanctuary. What session was it recorded in?

    To my ears, Sanctuary sounds a lot better produced that the rest of the first album. Was it a case that more effort was made producing it as it was to be a single, or was it possibly recorded at a different session altogether to the rest of the first album?
  11. srfc

    Is there a good bootleg from the Matter of the Beast tour?

    I'm looking for a decent bootleg from the Matter of the Beast tour. I know there is the Stockholm one from the first full album leg of the tour but I'm looking for a good one from the leg where they "play(ed) classics" I have Ludwigshafen, and while the sound is pretty good, it's not a vintage...
  12. srfc

    Weird noise before Aces High on some versions of Powerslave??

    The very first version of Powerslave I had was a copied tape. There was a brief synthy almost R2D2 esque little melody that played just before Aces High. A mate later got an original of Live after Death and it had this noise as well, so the noise was not something that might have accidentally...
  13. srfc

    When did Maiden start playing the keep yourself alive riff in Sanctuary?

    During live gigs Maiden add a bit of the intro of Keep Yourself Alive by Queen to Sanctuary. This section is already on the earliest live recording of Sanctuary released by Maiden, on Live!! +one recorded on the 4th July 1980. But did they used to play this in the pub days before there was a...
  14. srfc

    Is there a good quality bootleg from The Beast on the Road tour

    Obviously, there's the excellent Beast over Hammersmith official release from the beast on the road tour, but are there any good soundboard boots of a complete gig from anywhere else on the tour?
  15. srfc

    Is it possible to buy the digital download only versions of Trooper 2005 and Different World?

    I bought these digital downloads back in the day, but they no longer play on my PC due to issues with DRM, I suspect caused by upgrading to windows 10. I tried the site I originally bought them from but they seem to be no longer available. Does anyone know if they are available anywhere else...
  16. srfc

    Most gratuitous Metal Cliche thread

    Just listening to Bark at the Moon. I always get a good laugh out of the "ooh yeah baby" just before the solo. It's so completely uncalled for :lol:, the previous verse being about a werewolf returning from hell to get revenge on those who'd buried him in a nameless grave. Post other...
  17. srfc

    good advertisement

    I was looking on ebay for plastic sleeves to protect the recent digipacks, and look what I found I think these ones might suit my requirements :lol:
  18. srfc

    Is there an "enhanced" CD rom section on Dance of Death CD?

    I thought that there was an enhanced section on Dance of Death CD but there doesn't seem to be on my CD, but maybe my pc just can't read the disc. My eye sight is so bad I can't read the small print on the case. So is there or isn't there?
  19. srfc

    Best of the B'Sides: Are there different cover designs?

    I noticed Wikipedia has this picture for the Best of the B'sides cover: While my cd has this cover: Notice that Maiden logo is different on both, the image is cropped closer on my version, the layout of the text is slightly different and also the spelling of B'Sides has two apostrophes on...
  20. srfc

    W.A.S.P This is a weird article, it says they are playing a tour featuring songs from the first 4 albums. Then for some reason it goes onto a load of paragraphs about Chris Holmes. Is Chris...