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    Tom Petty

    RIP Tom Petty. He's not metal, but was a icon in rock. I remember spending a lot of time listening to Full Moon Fever after listening to Seventh Son. SSOASS used to pump me up and satisfy my nerdy D&D metal side, but Full Moon Fever was my 'chill-out at the end of the day' record.
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    Random ways you have incorporated Maiden into your life

    I'll share a few of mine (and hopefully they don't make me look like a crazy fanboy...): I had the DJ play Losfer words at the reception at my wedding (the wife agreed and I settled on an instrumental so as not to ruffle the feathers of my older family). My son's middle name is Adrian (I've...
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    Cradle of Filth

    Couldn't find a thread. I originally thought these guys were a bit naff back in the day, but I re-listened to cruelty and the beast and I actually really enjoyed it. Dani's voice doesn't bug me as much anymore and I quite like most of their earlier discography if I'm in the right mood. What...
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    What if (in an alternative universe)...

    X Factor and Virtual XI were Steve solo albums, and Accident of Birth and The Chemical Wedding were official Maiden albums (let's say Roy was producer and Dave played all of his solos). Janick decided to backpack around the world after FOTD until he got the call to reunite on BNW... What AOB...
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    Mystery Science Theater 3000

    Any fans here? I was a big fan back in the 90s (both Joel and Mike eras) - I'm excited for the Netflix reprise in April.
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    I couldn't find an official Aerosmith thread... I'll start off by saying something relatively controversial: I really enjoy (and primarily listen to) their "commercial sell-out period" (permanent vacation/pump/get a grip). The first five records are certainly classics, but I like the glossy...
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    Maiden's best effort at 'social commentary'?

    Curious to know what you guys think Maiden's best work in this area is. For definition purposes, I would count songs grounded in current events (for their time) like Wasting Love, Age of Innocence, Blood on the World's Hands, Don't Look Through the Eyes of a Stranger etc...whereas...
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    TV appearance (the paradise club)- Bruce & Janick

    My apologies if this has been posted before (I did a forum search and didn't immediately see it), but here's Bruce guest starring n a British drama from 1990. I actually forgot about it and stumbled upon it randomly on Youtube. (I realize that this is old hat for some of you, but thought it...
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    Maiden - The "best" type of rock /metal success?

    I was having a conversation with friends at lunch - if you could magically snap your fingers and have the success of any rock/metal band, which band would it be? Metallica came up (album sales/volume), as well as Rush (influence/reach), Led Zeppelin (respect/legacy/truck loads of money) ...
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    Songs that should have been singles

    I was listening to TXF on the way home from work today and realized that 2am would have made a really strong single. I think Blaze's lower/huskier register, the melancholy atmosphere (which wouldn't sound completely out of place on an Alice in Chains record), and the strong chorus would have...
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    Remaining album covers/stage production ideas

    I know this has been bantered about before, but I was wondering what else the band could do with Eddie if they make another record (it's sad to think that BOS might be the last). Of the themes that they haven't done yet, I was thinking: Ancient Japan/Samurai Eddie I think this could be a...
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    Maiden on the radio

    Question for you guys - 1) Do you ever hear Maiden on your local rock station? 2)If so, do they ever play anything other than Run to the Hills? I get really frustrated in my area. There are only certain bands (AC/DC, Zep, Metallica, Aerosmith, Pearl Jam etc..) that have more than one song in...