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    Judas Priest

    It is one of the best biographies I have read in a while. He comes across a nice guy, but struggled to come to terms with his sexuality out fear of what people would think. Some really funny moments in there.
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    The Book of Souls: General album discussion

    I am likeing the album more. But.... as with every Maiden album since Dance of Death I fine myself wondering if my hi-fi equipment is broken the production again is dire.
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    If Eternity Should Fail

    Would have prefered just to have the acoustic outro tbh. It's cheesy and spoils an otherwise great song. Also should be a stonkin' live track.
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    The Book of Souls: General album discussion

    On a couple of listens my first impressions were it was a DoD clone. Impressions so far IESF and EOTC are book ends of Dance of Death 2. Looks like AMOLAD is the best reunion album for me. I've always said this about Maiden though which is why I like them so much their music has never been...
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    The Book of Souls: General album discussion

    I can't understand how anyone can say its good or bad after a few listens. Maiden aren't a pop band out for a catchy tune. Come back in a month then judge it.
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    What's your favourite post-reunion album and why?

    AMOLAD for me. The problem with all Maiden albums since SSOASS is a lack of Maidenness to me. I think this is because Steve's writing dramatically changed. The reunion did not change this and for me anyway Adrian and Bruce are probably the strongest writters. This is why I really dislike BNW...
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    Your Maiden blasphemy

    Iron Maiden are inferior to Metallica. Janick Gers is a great guitarist. /runs (very fast) :dead:
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    "The Book of Souls" - Official pre-release thread (CONTAINS ALBUM SPOILERS)

    Bet having a drink with you is exciting. ;)
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    "The Book of Souls" - Official pre-release thread (CONTAINS ALBUM SPOILERS)

    And the IRON MAIDEN title is back to how it should be none of this toned down mid 90's crap!
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    'Remastered for iTunes' - All albums re-released! Discuss.

    Yeah well 'some' of us out there have audio systems that play music and don't want to listen to it through iphone tat.
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    'Remastered for iTunes' - All albums re-released! Discuss.

    While Maiden produce some great music why are they so bad at stuff like this? itunes is horrible in every way - it's apple it's compressed i'll never use it. Come on Maiden you are better than this. Save your money and locate the original CD's pre 1997 and rip them to flac.
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    Yet ANOTHER best of - From Fear To Eternity

    Looks like Rod has turned in to Joseph Stalin - who also tried to (cough) 'amend' history. I suppose with Maiden its a bit like Black Sabbath, the only front man is Ozzy regardless of who's been in it. What gets me is that the band and Bruce especially hail Blaze as part of the Maiden 'family'...
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    When the Wild Wind Blows

    The Man Who Would Be King Get yourself in one of those finding God moods and open up the hubble space telescope web site to browse the amazing pictures while listening to Startblind. I guarantee  you'll think its the best moment in your life.
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    Does anyone else think that this song is the brother of 'Lord Of Light'? Central to the song is the normal man that has been deceived all his life thinking he was following the 'correct God' and upon his death realises he has been coned, when all around the true God has been staring you in the...
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    When the Wild Wind Blows

    The Man Who Would Be King Did anyone else notice that in the interviews released with the CD that Bruce doesn't seem to be that carried away with this song? He seems to not want to talk about it and wants the interviewer to move on to the next question. Having now been able to listen to it...
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    I have the lyrics pinned to my wall. Bruce should have been a poet as well as all the other stuff he can't fail at.
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    Which songs should be played live?

    Really hope they play Starblind. It's becoming one of the stand out tracks for me. Please Maiden drop all the FOTD 2MTM RTTH crap  :puke:
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    Ozzy Osbourne Rants Against Bruce Dickinson

    I remember the on the documentary on the AMOLAD DVD that came with the CD. Bruce says something about singing makes them prone to being fat due to the release of a hormone, Shirley replied "Does that account for your oversized ego?" Just about sums up Bruce, if he didnt agree with Ozzy or didnt...
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    Official thread for Final Frontier discussion

    Re: Discussion thread for Final Frontier/El Dorado single Looks like a AMOLAD copy to me. Im sorry but I dont believe Riggs drew any covers. As for El Dorado think im on my 6th or 7th listen and after a few days gap I have listened to it again and it is pretty good. I'm hoping that the album...
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    New album: The Final Frontier!

    If all the metal bands of the 70's are still making albums then Maiden aren't finished yet. I suspect they will carry on until they either fall out, serious illness or one dies. It isnt the last album.