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  1. Crazypants

    Is there a Maiden Program Tour database?

    Anybody know of any site that documents the various Maiden tour programs? Ive poked around google and the search on this site but everything Ive found has been incomplete and/or lacking in detail.
  2. Crazypants

    Legacy of the Beast SDCC Comic and Vol. 1 Release Schedule

    For all the comic book nerds out there. IRON MAIDEN: LEGACY OF THE BEAST Limited to 666 copies and was originally only available at SDCC. Looks like they had some left over and are selling them through Heavy Metal Magazine. Standard and normal comic book pricing ($2-3 a comic) issue release...
  3. Crazypants

    Run to the Hills [8 Bit Universe Tribute to Iron Maiden]

    This is pretty funny and is one of my new ringtones.