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  1. daan

    Maiden studio album shoot-out, Part 4

    That's actually pretty tough. The X Factor is a fantastic, often underrated album. The Final Frontier - while not a top 3 reunion album - still represents my favourite incarnation of Maiden and has a lot of great stuff in it. I'm voting TFF but TXF is pretty close.
  2. daan

    Maiden studio album shoot-out, Part 3

    I love the 80s stuff like most of us, but modern Maiden is my favourite and BNW is probably top 3 albums material for me. So BNW easily.
  3. daan

    Maiden studio album shoot-out, Part 2

    Definitely Dance of Death. The Book of Souls - aside from the title track masterpiece - is full of uninspired, underdeveloped tracks. DoD is known to have some fillers, but I'd argue that the fillers are pretty decent and based on solid ideas.
  4. daan

    Top 3 IM Title Tracks?

    Not sure about the order but I voted The Book of Souls, Powerslave and Seventh Son. My other picks would be CSiT and Dance of Death.
  5. daan

    if you could time-travel: which Maiden gig of the past would you attend & why?

    The first night of the Ed Hunter tour, definitely. I can imagine how wonderful it felt to be a Maiden fan back then and witness Bruce and Adrian's return. And the setlist was great too.
  6. daan

    Album covers: alternate versions, different Eddies?

    Yup! The centaur looks like an evolved form of the first one or whatever. He also holds a guitar and it seems to me like a part of this idea got into TFF tour poster. Hah, this and that unused Riggs art that was posted the other day in a different thread got me dreamy about the visual stuff...
  7. daan

    Album covers: alternate versions, different Eddies?

    It's been a while since I peeked into TFF booklet. Forgot how cool some of these are. I like the top left one. Very out-there for an Eddie, but I think there was potential there.
  8. daan

    Here you guys, I've found a slightly better scan of one of the RAREST EDDIES EVER.

    First time I've seen it, looks fantastic. I dig the weird, surreal imagery.
  9. daan

    Iron Maiden News, Links, and Interviews

    I like Dave and I don't mean to sound disrespectful, but he's the only member without whom I could imagine the band still going on. Don't think they would do that, though. 10-15 years ago maybe, but not when they clearly don't have that much time left as a band anyway. That said, I'm not...
  10. daan

    Senjutsu - Eight Months Later

    The album has been with me all the time since the release. Absolutely love it. The best one since AMoLaD easily. So much better than TBoS (the weakest reunion album by far IMO - aside from the 10/10 title track). Senjutsu is more inspired, more Maiden. Also, way more "metal" for lack of a better...
  11. daan


    I was just about to correct myself. You're right. By the way, here are some pro photos. Sorry if that was already posted, I didn't see.
  12. daan


    Oh, interesting. Probably full JB Jr set now. Thanks for keeping track of all things guitar!
  13. daan


    Sad to see The Wicker Man and FtGGoG dropped. I realise they were not crowd favourites during the previous leg of the tour, but for me both songs would be among the highlights. I would gladly trade Revelations and The Clansman for them. Not thrilled with the addition of Blood Brothers either...
  14. daan


    Yes, they did. Changes for Revelations.
  15. daan


    Have fun, Zagreb! I'm wondering if they're going to reveal the setlist as it happens on social media, like they did at the beginning of the LotB tour.
  16. daan

    Bruce Dickinson

    And the other way around too, I imagine! All the warming up for the tour probably helped him nail it in the studio. Seems like a smart decision to do it right now. I hope all vocals are done (as opposed to just a few tracks or whatever), so Roy could work on the final production while Bruce is...
  17. daan

    Bruce Dickinson

  18. daan

    Legacy Of The Beast Post-Pandemic Leg

    I assumed that the lake of lava is a reference to TNotB. If I'm not mistaken, its backdrop image was something like this. But it would be cool if it was actually something new.
  19. daan

    Legacy Of The Beast Post-Pandemic Leg

    I'm sure TWotW and Stratego will be played. The imagery on the poster seems like an official confirmation. If there's a third one, I think Senjutsu is the most likely, even though I also think it would take away from the future album set a little bit. I mean, the song feels like something that...
  20. daan


    Big fan of the band here. I've just listened to Impera for the first time. The best way I can sum up my initial reaction is that I feel I've just listened to Ghost covering a bunch of songs that I don't know. There's something... alien about it and I'm pretty sure it's not a matter of it being...