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  1. HallowedBeMyName

    Favorite Paul/Bruce/Blaze Maiden vocal performances

    Simple, just name the tracks you feel each studio vocalist performs the best on. To make it a bit more challenging, you can't list more than 5 songs per vocalist. In no particular order: Paul Di'Anno 1. Strange World (I just realized how great Di'Anno sounded on this track. So much emotion in...
  2. HallowedBeMyName

    Crazy Drummer!!

    Not Maiden related, or even metal for that matter, but  :blink: ... re=related
  3. HallowedBeMyName

    Maiden songs you are currently stuck on

    Of Maiden's entire discography, which songs are you currently stuck on? You can list up to 5. The songs I'm currently on: 1. The Wicker Man 2. Out of the Silent Planet 3. Aces High 4. Children of the Damned 5. El Dorado All I have to say is, I guess I'm currently on a "new Maiden" kick  :P
  4. HallowedBeMyName

    Favorite Iron Maiden song off of each album

    I'm quite sure this topic hasn't been started yet. Hopefully not, but anyway...list your favorite song from each of the 14 albums. You can't list multiple songs, only name 1 from each album. Lets get started: Iron Maiden: Phantom of the Opera Killers: Killers The Number of the Beast: Children...
  5. HallowedBeMyName

    Most Underrated Maiden Song

    Still Life, this masterpiece has been ignored by many fans, unfortunately. This song features beautiful guitar work, a sturdy bassline, and some of the most mysterious lyrics in a Maiden song. Bruce conveys so much emotion in the lyrics (I feel that im weaker everyday...) that I begin to feel...
  6. HallowedBeMyName

    Which drummer do you prefer?

    Sorry if this comes off as amateur-ish, this is my first attempt at a poll I feel that all three drummers have their own unique style of playing and I enjoy them all, but who would you prefer out of the three? For me, it's a pretty tight battle between Clive and Nicko. Clive had many highlights...
  7. HallowedBeMyName

    The Blaze Era

    I want to know what you guys think of Blaze Bayley's time with Iron Maiden. What do you think of the albums they released during The Blaze Era?