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  1. Eliot1988

    Steve Harris - Bass

    How do you get Steve's hands to go so fast on the bass? I was playing bass and I had learned a few pieces and I found that what plays is simple but very fast. In an interview he had said that it is "optical illusion" for his hands to go so fast .. really ... I listen to his music in depth and I...
  2. Eliot1988

    What is "elementary knowledge"?

    What is elementary knowledge?
  3. Eliot1988

    Believe in Astrology? Yes or Not?

    I do not know if it is an issue that interests you or is unwanted. If it is unwanted let the management delete it! Do you believe in astrology yes or no?
  4. Eliot1988

    the Secrets of the Iron Maiden! Hello, I am from Greece! An e-book has come out that is free and you say "the secrets...
  5. Eliot1988

    Useful question

    can you tell me how the "signature" looks under each post. That is, the phrase I want? I want you to tell me the way and the steps. thanks!
  6. Eliot1988


    Now that the wind calls my name And my star has faded now hardly a glimpse up in the empty space And the wise one-eyed great father in the sky stills my flame For the ones who stood me near And you few who were me dear I ask of thee to have no doubts and no fears For when the great clouds...
  7. Eliot1988

    What does the book written by bruce dickinson say about Aleister Crowley?

    It would be interesting to hear the views and what he has to say about Aleister Crowley. has anyone read the book? does he know more or less tell me what he says? because I do not know English and I am from Greece I apologize for using google translate!
  8. Eliot1988

    It is true?

    Is it true that Queen Elizabeth in England proposed to steve harris for the title of sir and he refused?