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    Tribute Acts

    We had a an AC/DC tribute act called [a href=\'\' target=\'_blank\']AC/BC[/a] play at my place of work last night. I work at the UCLAN SU [a href=\'\' target=\'_blank\']53degrees[/a], and all I can say about these fella's from blackpool is that they...
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    DOD tour bootlegs?

    hey, does anyone have a link to a website where I can pick up the bootleg for the MEN arena in Manchester, UK? I was there and would love to relive that night. If not, what about any other gigs from the tour? I've listenened to the one in Argentina, but its got the really annoying commentators...
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    Sign of the Cross

    just to point out, that the "11 saintly shrouded men" do not refer to the holy inquisition but to the 11 remaining orriginal appostles of christ, who, according to the book of revelations, appear during the second coming with jesus to take those who are true believers to heaven. just a quick...