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  1. Welsh Phantom

    Bass players support group - funny!

    This makes me laugh every time I watch it :)
  2. Welsh Phantom

    Blasts from the past

    Ok guys, I am currently sitting here feeling sorry for myself, suffering from a slipped disc (with complications, seeing a spine specialist hopefully nest week). Point being, I have to sit down all day in a computer chair for the past few weeks .... so youtube has been my only past time. The...
  3. Welsh Phantom

    Piece of Mind album - on Bass

    Here are my bass covers of the Piece of Mind album for anyone interested Four albums down....only another 12 albums to decipher and learn! Please feel free to comment..... all feedback welcome :) Where Eagles Dare 2. Revelations 3. Flight of Icarus 4. Die with your Boots on...
  4. Welsh Phantom

    Al Murray (Planet Rock DJ)

    Planet Rock's excellent Sunday morning DJ Al Murray has posted this and I thought I just had to share it. Hilarious!!
  5. Welsh Phantom

    The Number of the Beast album - on Bass

    Having already posted the first 2 albums I thought I would share my bass covers of the whole Beast album if anyone is interested. This is part of my journey of learning every Maiden song in chronological order. I've nearly finished learning Piece of Mind also, so that album shouldn't be too...
  6. Welsh Phantom

    Maidens debut album - on Bass

    Hi guys, I posted a couple of these videos a while back, but thought I should put them together as a complete collection. These are my covers of the debut album, using my Fender Steve Harris signature Precision Bass. Any comments welcome....thanks for watching! :) Prowler Sanctuary...
  7. Welsh Phantom

    Maidens 'Killers' album - on Bass

    Hi guys, After posting the debut album, I thought my covers of the 2nd album on bass might be interesting to fellow musicians. Once again, I used my Fender Steve Harris signature Precision bass. Any comments are welcome. Enjoy! The Ides Of March Wrathchild Murders In The Rue...
  8. Welsh Phantom

    Rush and Maiden basslines

    Hi, If anyone is interested I decided to record some videos of me playing bass to some Maiden and Rush songs, using my Fender Jazz Bass and Fender Steve Harris Signature Precision Bass. Namely:  YYZ and Tom Sawyer by Rush,             and by Maiden: Prowler, Sanctuary, Remember Tomorrow...
  9. Welsh Phantom

    Origins of Hallowed Be Thy Name

    I found out the other day that Hallowed is actually based on a song by Beckett from 1974. Not only is the mood very similar, but even a verse is lifted straight from the Beckett song!! Is it just me who didn't know this, or has Steve kept this very quiet? The full Beckett song is here (and...
  10. Welsh Phantom

    Video from Eddies Bar

    Hi all, Here is a video from my trip to Eddies Bar last year (finally got my firewire sorted!). It's a bit dark inside so I used nightvision after a bit, hence all the green. (Sorry, but Steve's personal photo album didn't come out on film. D'oh!) Hope you enjoy...
  11. Welsh Phantom

    Maiden on TV tonight

    For those who don't have the Classic albums DVD 'The Number of the Beast', you can see it on channel 229 in a few hours, Friday 1am, on UK Sky. (It was just on at 8pm but I only caught the end.) Enjoy!
  12. Welsh Phantom

    Fear of Argentina

    Picked this up recently. Has anyone else seen it? Awesome gig!! ....everything that the official Donington vhs should have and could have been (if it wasn't spoiled by such 'arty' direction). Directed by a TV company, you actually get time to focus on the band before the camera cuts to another...
  13. Welsh Phantom

    Dennis Stratton

    [attachmentid=145]I'm a bit confused after watching the 'Legacy...' dvd. Dennis Stratton says he intoduced the idea of using harmonies on tracks like 'Phantom..', and said Steve really liked it. 'Fair enough' I thought, as I have always loved Dennis' playing. But last week I got hold of an early...