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    Maidenfans South-East Europe Meetups

    I also have tickets for Zagreb show. I also plan to go to Wiener Neustadt since it was postponed date from 2020
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    Senjutsu - 3rd September 2021

    UPDATE! Mine arrived today
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    Senjutsu - 3rd September 2021

    Mine still didn't arrive and I've received mail on December 23rd that it was shipped. Yesterday I found out that the submissions are closed so I replied to the mail but I suppose that I'll never get the response :/
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    Senjutsu - 3rd September 2021

    Hi everyone, has anyone got the replacement booklet for deluxe boxset yet?
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    The Parchment

    Yup, I knew I forgot something :D He simply does not accept failure as an option!
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    The Parchment

    I would like to add couple of more variables which can easily clarify things: - Bruce is professional singer with 40+ years of singing experience and he has hell of a vibrato, not to mention that he knows how to control his breathing and voice - He was definitelly well rested when he did the...
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    Senjutsu - 3rd September 2021

    As far as I know, PS4 cannot play Audio CDs, only DVDs and Blurays. I have it and I never managed to play any audio CD on it.
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    Please post reviews and thoughts on Senjutsu here

    So far, IMHO, Smith/Dickinson duo is definitelly kicking major a$$. Edit: Can anyone confirm the booklet issue in super deluxe or other editions? In my super deluxe both WOTW and album have identical booklets, WOTW ones.
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    Senjutsu - 3rd September 2021

    I just received my copy of super deluxe box set and there was unpleasant surprise :D Just listening to title track
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    Alexander the Great

    Here's another epic reaction video that is worth checking. Well, maybe not epic, but I really did enjoy it (and other videos) since this guy knows his stuff and it's very interesting how he explains things from musical theory standpoint in (almost) real time. And in my opinion he gave the best...
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    Bruce Dickinson

    Now this came out of nowhere...
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    Adrian Smith

    To be even more precise, Kotzen is great musician :D
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    Bruce Dickinson

    Chris Dale published it this morning :D
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    Bruce Dickinson

    Just a heads up, tickets are already on sale. Limited to cca 1600 seats. Bought myself a ticket this morning
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    Something that shocks me a bit...

    who knows, maybe we will after all this idea came to me: releasing donington package with all 3 shows they headlined ('88, '92 & '07) would be great idea
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    Official thread for Final Frontier discussion

    Re: The countdown is over! Now, let's discuss what it led up to. could anyone mail it to zmijugito(at) please?
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    Official thread for Final Frontier discussion

    Re: The countdown is over! Now, let's discuss what it led up to. i see a vision...... it says: server crash!
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    Weird sound during solos on Piece of Mind

    yep, heard those above too, just listened to the '98 remastered CD they're there, it's not "just a mistake"
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    VHS cover(s) needed

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    Guitarist Thread

    [!--QuoteBegin-Maiden Guitarist+Sep 12 2005, 08:19 PM--][div class=\'quotetop\']QUOTE(Maiden Guitarist @ Sep 12 2005, 08:19 PM)[/div][div class=\'quotemain\'][!--QuoteEBegin--]Anyone going to answer this? 118092 well, I haven't played LP yet, but Strat is great for me