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  1. nuno_c

    CD Reissues Vs. Vinyl Reissues

    I've pretty much always been a CD person. Love the vinyl's size and collectible factor, but when it comes to the listening experience, i've always prefered CD's. That being said, just today i got the SSOASS vinyl reissue and i have to say that it sounds, at least to me, even better than the CD...
  2. nuno_c

    Which album best represents Maiden as a whole?

    This question is pretty tricky, i think. Many times when we choose an album as being the most representitive of a band's sound we tend to choose the one we like the most, as if THAT album's sound or style should be seen as being the band's definite. I've bee thinking a lot about this and i...
  3. nuno_c

    Reissues - A question

    I don't know if there's any official info on this or not, but either way does anyone know why is the Maiden back catalogue not being reissued on CD the same way as it is on vinyl? I mean, the vinyl reissues have the original track order and artwork, while the new CD reissues on Parlophone still...
  4. nuno_c

    Virtual XI - Song quality

    Many times, people (myself included) seem to have a tendency to like certain songs because of the way they were performed, the attitude and other elements. Songs, many times, are liked because of elements not directly related to the quality of the song itself. I've been recently listening to...
  5. nuno_c

    Anyone going to the Lisbon gig?

    Pretty much the title of the thread :p I'm going to see Maiden for the first time on the 11th and thought it would be cool to see if anyone around here is going to that gig as well, maybe we could meet there.
  6. nuno_c

    Iron Maiden Podcasts?

    Do you guys know if there's any podcast about Iron Maiden? Also, has this forum ever considered the idea of doing one? There's a Kiss forum ( that has one and it's pretty cool because it creates a whole other level of interaction with the members of the forum, since it's made...
  7. nuno_c

    Incredibly "stupid" commentary on Iron Maiden

    I know this all (like pretty much everything else) comes down to taste/opinion and that, of course, varies from person to person. That being said, i still have my jaw touching the ground after reading what Kerry King had to say about Maiden: "IRON MAIDEN, for me, is living off their first three...
  8. nuno_c

    Stage designs/concepts

    So one of the main things, i think, anyone can say about Maiden is that they are one truly monstruous band live and also that they put on a great visual show. Their live playing is not all about the indeed great playing they have as a band, but also the designs, the visual concept of the tour...
  9. nuno_c

    Forum's image/layout

    I've only been a member of this forum for about a year and a week, so i don't really know about these thing yet, but does anyone know when was the last time the forum's image was changed? One of the many things i love about this forum is how easy it is to use, but at the same time i feel some...
  10. nuno_c

    Maiden's energy

    So i was having an argument with a friend about Motorhead (RIP Lemmy) and other bands that sound really energetic, and his point was that Iron Maiden never sounds really energetic on record because they're "way too good musicians to really be able to just lose themselves in the music". I think...
  11. nuno_c

    Reflecting on 2015 as a Maiden fan

    So as another year is almost done, another year is yet to come, a year that will bring us a much anticipated tour in promotion of an album that was very anticipated as well. But looking back on 2015, as a Maiden fan, it was a really intense year... Since the end of 2014 i was totally convinced...
  12. nuno_c

    Where to find original EMI pressings?

    I've been wanting to hear them for a while now, and also tempted to buy them and replace my 98 versions... Does anyone know where to find them online for sale? I've already found some, but they're a bit costy, do you know the best place(s) to find them? Thanks!
  13. nuno_c

    Connection between Maiden's music and artwork

    Been thinking about this for a while now... When i listen to any Maiden album, there seems to be a connection between the sound/production/vibe/songs on the album and it's artwork. Even the colours chosen for the cover art seem to connect with the music somehow, and i don't even mean...
  14. nuno_c

    The problem with playing SIT songs live - A tabu?

    The reason for Maiden not playing many SIT songs live seems to be the inability to reproduce their sound onstage. I don't get it. I mean, i would say SSOASS would be way harder to reproduce live considering the synth-heavy sound it has. Sure, SIT has a lot of guitar synth, but i don't really...
  15. nuno_c

    Brave New World's production - Maiden's cleanest?

    I've been listening to BNW a lot lately, and the production sounds very clean to my ears. Do you think it's Maiden's cleanest? And, also, do you think it's too clean for Maiden? I'm not necessarily against clean productions, especially if we consider that this band never really had, at least...
  16. nuno_c

    What are your thoughts on King Diamond?

    I've been listening to KD recently and i'd like to know some of your opinions :D
  17. nuno_c

    Maiden's attitude towards new releases

    Let's be honest... It's quite common for artists to praise their newest release. Many times because they're still really attatched to it, and other times because of marketing reasons. But in Maiden's case, given the fact that they're one of those few bands who seem to really care about...
  18. nuno_c

    No Prayer On The Road: The Dissection

    I think we can all agree that this tour saw a much bigger emphasis on the band itself rather than backdrops/stage set, etc. The band was (sort of) re-energized with the addition of Janick and the energy onstage was just phenomenal on that tour. The "street" approach to the album, i think...
  19. nuno_c

    Janick's role in post-reunion Maiden

    I'm not at all a Janick basher. Quite the contrary. But i'm interested in knowing what do you guys percieve as being Janick's role/contribution to Maiden since Bruce and Adrian rejoined. To me, part of his songwritting has been a major factor in the band's sound, and also with three guitars...
  20. nuno_c

    Metal Hammer 2005 Special Edition on Maiden

    In 2005 Metal Hammer issued a special 156 page edition dedicated only to Iron Maiden and it's (then) 30 year carreer. Does any of you have it and, if so, do you have scans and/or can you scan the pages? Just for the cover alone i'm guessing it should be awesome :notworthy: And thank you in...