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  1. Jer

    Spinal Tap sequel in the works Hopefully this means a Blu-Ray release of The Return Of Spinal Tap as well…?
  2. Jer

    Post-Maiden Bruce & Adrian band and setlist

    The year is 202X and Nicko’s old bones finally can’t handle the demands of drumming anymore, so he hangs up his hat. The rest of Iron Maiden decides to call it a day rather than trying to replace him. Bruce and Adrian take this opportunity to put together their own band and go out and tour...
  3. Jer

    To Tame A Land & Paschendale

    Testing a theory. Please vote for whichever answer matches your view most closely.
  4. Jer

    Artist messages via Cameo

    So I finally looked into this Cameo site I’d heard a few things about, and it‘s kind of a neat idea. Personalized video messages from willing artists who set their price based on how much they think they’re worth. It’s interesting to see the range of prices people are charging. Some examples...
  5. Jer

    Random album reviews

    Spawned from the 365 Albums In One Year thread, where @The Dissident achieved glorious success while @Diesel 11 suffered shameful failure, this is a thread for posting any random album reviews you’d like to share, or for posting links to album reviews in other topic threads. Reviews of Iron...
  6. Jer

    Bruce Dickinson - The Chemical Wedding

    @giratina asked me if I’d ever posted song commentaries on The Chemical Wedding similar to the ones I’d done for the Maiden albums, and I hadn’t, so I figured I’d give it a whirl. King In Crimson - Sparse drums and downtuned guitars break into a growling ascending riff. Bruce joins in with his...
  7. Jer

    Invasive iPhone ads

    Half the time when I open a page here since the move to the new forum software, I get this: If I hit the back button, it goes to a different spam site. If I go back to the same forum page that spawned this, there’s a >50% chance it will kick off the exact same ad. If I manage to load a...
  8. Jer

    Dokken & Lynch Mob (and related bands)

    The Dokken family tree is wide and deep, and there’s been a fair amount of activity in it lately, so I figured it merited its own thread rather than piggybacking on the hair metal thread. My intent here was to provide a place to talk about projects involving the classic lineup of Dokken...
  9. Jer

    Best MaidenFans Meltdown: YOU DECIDE!

    Obligatory poll after recent events. Slop Wars start Memegeddon start Diesel 11’s Secret List Website start Legatodave posts circa Jan 2019 (start 1, start 2, start 3) Delta51pwned’s exit “You’re an idiot, goodbye” start Bruce Bias start
  10. Jer

    Iron Maiden, Mk II?!

    Pick a year, any year — and some tragic event causes every current member of Iron Maiden to be killed. But Maiden is too important to be cast into the dustbin of history, so other musicians must step forward to carry on their legacy! Who would you choose...? Here are a couple: 1986: The...
  11. Jer

    Infinite Entanglement story discussion

    I’ve been listening to the Infinite Entanglement trilogy a fair amount lately, and while I have a pretty good grip on the story, there are still a few holes. I figured I’d toss out my understanding and see what other people’s thoughts were. Characters: Captain William Christopher Black: The...
  12. Jer

    The Joke Beer Name Thread

    Inspired by the stupidity of the “Bruce solo beer” response above, I realized there was way too much potential here to not create a thread for it. So, what Maiden-themed vanity beers can you come up with?
  13. Jer

    The Three Tremors / Trinity

    I'm sure folks around here know about the project that Bruce, Rob Halford, and Geoff Tate were planning to do around the turn of the millennium, which they were going to call "The Three Tremors", and then changed their minds to call it "Trinity". They started writing songs for the album and...
  14. Jer

    Adrian's Solo Discography Ranked - The Complete List

    Adrian Smith has been a critical part of Iron Maiden's sound for 11 studio albums, but he's also created a significant amount of music outside of the band, spanning multiple genres and vocalists (including himself!). Inspired by the Bruce Dickinson ranking thread, I thought it would be...
  15. Jer

    What type of Blaze-era Iron Maiden fan were you?

    As requested by @Black Bart -- thanks for the idea.
  16. Jer

    Terrible setlist

    What's the worst Maiden setlist you can come up with using these rules? No B-sides or cover songs No more than 3 songs from any album (gotta keep it from getting too obvious) No repeats within your setlist 15-20 songs total Here's mine: 1. Satellite 15 2. The Angel And The Gambler 3. The...
  17. Jer

    AMOLAD 2015 remaster vs. original?

    I have the original CD of AMOLAD, and I was curious if the 2015 digital remaster offered any meaningful improvement in the sound of the album. Thanks.