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  1. Ray K.

    Paul DiAnno on That Metal Show

    This is from That Metal Show which is a show for all things hard rock and heavy metal with the awesome Eddie Trunk. The special guests on the show that week were Slayer (also a cool interview with Kerry King and Dave Lombardo) but at 9:00 is a 2 minute or so segment entitled "10 questions with...
  2. Ray K.

    tour books

    Hi there. looking for old maiden tour books. If anyone is looking to lighten the load, let me know.
  3. Ray K.

    Petition for Bruce Dickinson knighthood Hello everyone. I am new so forgive me if this is old news. Came across this a couple of weeks ago. I think this is the petition mentioned in the hardtalk interview. Correct me if I am wrong. Copy and paste the link in your browser to...