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  1. Murder of Rue Morgue

    The Unbeliever

    I think he was talking about this:
  2. Murder of Rue Morgue

    Death Of The Celts

    TBF Gers just caught me out with this solo. It's really highlights the swinging mood of the triple meter.
  3. Murder of Rue Morgue

    The Parchment

    The "Poison King" was Mithridates VI Eupator, aka Mithridates the Great. He ruled Pontus from 120 to 63 BC and fought the Roman Republic (so-called 'Mithridatic Wars') but was defeated by Pompeius Magnus in 66 BC. Mithridates committed suicide three years later, after having had to face two...
  4. Murder of Rue Morgue

    which one song would you definitely like to have back in the next setlist?

    Best named tour in the reunion era IMHO
  5. Murder of Rue Morgue

    Weakest Song from each Iron Maiden album

    Iron Maiden Another Life Invaders Quest for Fire Flash of the Blade Heaven Can Wait Seventh Son of a Seventh Son The Assassin The Apparition 2 AM The Angel and the Gambler The Nomad Wildest Dreams For the Greater Good of God / Different World Isle of Avalon Speed of Light Lost in a Lost World
  6. Murder of Rue Morgue

    Hell On Earth

    I think he said that he has no perfect pitch, he simply is musically trained lol – he holds a PhD in music composition and is a professional composer and conductor.
  7. Murder of Rue Morgue

    The Genesis of Somewhere in Time

    IIRC, Rod confirmed that they had some shows recorded but they didn't like them.
  8. Murder of Rue Morgue

    Guess The Iron Maiden Song! [SPOILER-FREE]

    Also, Tailgunner was originally inspired by an anal sex movie. The title itself is taken from the movie, IIRC.
  9. Murder of Rue Morgue

    Guess The Iron Maiden Song! [SPOILER-FREE]

    I was thinking about Holy Smoke too, but @MindRuler has been quicker. So I'm gonna say The Fugitive since the beginning is killer (smells good) but the rest of the song is shit.
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    Guess The Iron Maiden Song! [SPOILER-FREE]

    Twilight Zone
  11. Murder of Rue Morgue

    Guess The Iron Maiden Song! [SPOILER-FREE]

    Blood on the World's Hands
  12. Murder of Rue Morgue

    Classical music thread

    It's not that uncommon, Bach had a singularly wide musical culture for a man of his time and drawing inspiration from multiple sources was a common practice. The ostinato of the Passacaglia BWV 582 shares similarities with two sacred works by André Raison (it's basically a sum of two ostinati...
  13. Murder of Rue Morgue

    Classical music thread

    By the way, last year marked three anniversaries: 30th anniversary of Helmut Walcha's death. 40th anniversary of Karl Richter's death. 110th anniversary of Gustav Mahler's death. The first two were renowned Bach interpreters in their days. The latter was one of the greatest composers of the...
  14. Murder of Rue Morgue

    Classical music thread

    Good ol' censorship... there is a funny anecdote although not related to music: in the 19th century, classical scholars started to widely publish classical literature translated in modern languages. Not that it didn't happen before, but not that frequently. But, when it came to obscene passages...
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    Funfact: in the intro of this song, the clean guitar (Adrian Smith) uses a technique called 'bariolage'. This technique is typical of string instruments and exploits one of their characteristic: to be able to play the same note on different strings – which is, of course, the way guitar players...
  16. Murder of Rue Morgue

    Guitar solos - Senjutsu

    The timing is not a coincidence as in the first solo the tempo is half the tempo in the other three. For the rest, check this video: Janick's solo and the two subsequent solos have different rhythm guitar parts.
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    To Tame a Land

    Obviously, not.
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    Killers: Album Discussion

    Classic transitional album: half of the songs have clearly been discarded from Iron Maiden, the other half are a completely different style and are heading to The Number of the Beast-style.
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    Lost In A Lost World

    If they wanted us to listen it at 1.25x, then they would have recorded it at 1.25x. But that’s not what happened.