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  1. Prowler_108

    Any Tom Petty fans?

    Tom Petty's one of my favorite artists, just wondering if theres any other fans on here.
  2. Prowler_108

    Favorite Non-Maiden live album

    Title explains it. For me this requires no thought: Alive in Athens by Iced Earth is the best heavy metal live recording ever.
  3. Prowler_108

    Good Bruce era song to put in my bands setlist?

    My band currently only has 2 Maiden songs in our current setlist, Purgatory and Prowler, and we were going to add a Bruce era song, but we've played with several, including Still Life, Powerslave, Evil That Men Do and a couple others, and none have really clicked yet.  Any suggestions for songs...
  4. Prowler_108

    Best/Worst Production

    On a studio album.  Not a poll, I just want to see people's opinions here. Best: The Number of the Beast, closely followed by Piece of Mind. Worst: Virtual XI, closely followed by Dance of Death.
  5. Prowler_108

    Infinite Dreams Live Single

    Does anyone have the Infinite Dreams live single with Still Life and the Prisoner on it? If someone could email it to me that would be great. My email is Thanks.
  6. Prowler_108

    Lyrics on the X Factor

    I've seen a lot of people say that The X Factor has some of their best lyrics, but I highly disagree.  I think the lyrics are much too literal and sometimes cringe worthy, like Lord of the Flies or The Edge of Darkness.  My example would be "They brought it up just like room service..." What are...
  7. Prowler_108

    Favorite Megadeth Album

    what is your favorite Megadeth album? 'Deth is second behind Maiden as far as bands go, so it would be cool to see what your opinions are.  For me its SFSGSW.  Liar is a top 5 Megadeth song.
  8. Prowler_108


    Ok, this should be funny  :P What is your opinion on the creepiest song of all time?  For me, its Dead Skin Mask by Slayer easily.  That intro...
  9. Prowler_108

    Iron Maiden Setlists

    If Iron Maiden went on a second Somewhere Back In Time tour, and you could pick the setlist, what would you pick?  Since the original tour had material from 1980-1989 plus one 90's song, you may do the same, and only 16 songs are allowed.  This should be interesting. Mine would be: 1...
  10. Prowler_108

    Favorite Blaze/Maiden Songs

    I hope this hasn't been done for your top 5 Blaze-era Maiden songs.  For me it would be Edge of Darkness, The Educated Fool, Lightning Strikes Twice, The Aftermath, and Blood on the Worlds Hands. 
  11. Prowler_108

    Worst/Best Maiden Lyrics

    Say what you think the worst and best Maiden lyrics are.  I'm pretty sure this hasn't been done before.  You can put up to five in each category. Worst for me would be: Lord of the Flies: Good song, but the lyrics, especially "I like all the mixed emotions and anger" don't really work well. The...
  12. Prowler_108

    Favorite song never to have been played live

    Simple: Vote for your favorite Iron Maiden song that has never been played live.  Only album tracks are included so Virus etc. aren't here.  I don't think this has been done before but if it has my apologies.  Enjoy! btw mine is Alexander.