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    Has anyone here heard of Sex Machineguns? They are a Japanese heavy metal band. They are simply phenominal. I cant get enough of them. I was just introduced to their shit the other day. You guys wouldnt believe the crazy-awesome stuff these guys play. I seriously recommend checking them out. I...
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    Its been fun

    Well, I just got kicked out of my house, and this is my official last post. I never thought I would get kicked out of the house before I turned 16, but hey, shit happens. I just wanted to tell you guys that while I was here, I had alot of fun, and I also learned alot of cool shit. I think all of...
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    What is the problem with the world?

    Everyone in the world right now is bitching about tolerance for all. Yet these very same people are turning around and judging others. You are either all or nothing, there is no inbetween. And really, who is anyone to judge anyone else? I believe that God is the only one worthy of that task. Who...
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    What do you do for fun?

    Well, Im bored and just wanted to know what all my other Maiden fans did to entertain themselves. I like to hurtle my body down flights of stairs while balancing on a thin piece of wood and some wheels. You might have heard of this strange activity, its called skateboarding. I have some cool...