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  1. Octillus

    Legacy of the Beast 2018 Tour

    ..I think Heaven can wait til another day.
  2. Octillus

    Fear of the Dark

    It is a tremendous achievement for the to reach into the well in an era they were so creatively spent and create a definitive classic that stands up with anything they've ever made - the Rock in Rio performance meant so much to my appreciation of music and the kinetic theater that is live music...
  3. Octillus

    Create your own Iron Maiden setlist!

    Last night of the tour, that could very well be it.
  4. Octillus

    Judas Priest

    Judas Priest has a great run through Defenders of the Faith and then of course Painkiller - I unfortunately could not get into any of the later albums (except a couple of tracks on Angel of Retribution) though I tried. That said, there's such a wealth of strong material. Your mileage with Turbo...
  5. Octillus

    Nicko McBrain

    I think it’s safe to say we all had the last laugh on this one.
  6. Octillus

    Create your own Iron Maiden setlist!

    Just throwing it out there that Bruce sounded better in Brooklyn on the last night of the BoS tour than he had since Somewhere Back in Time. I truthfully think some of it’s aging and some of it was the tumor. He won’t ever be young again, but you all may be pleasantly surprised if you haven’t...
  7. Octillus

    Create your own Iron Maiden setlist!

    Fear of the Dark Wrathchild Fear of the Dark Fear of the Dark The Trooper Fear of the Dark Fear of the Dark Fear of the Dark The Number of the Beast Fear of the Dark Iron Maiden -- Run to the Hills Fear of the Dark Hallowed Be Thy Name (everyone leaves to DON'T YOU THINK I'M A SAVIOR, DON'T YOU...
  8. Octillus

    Most Underrated Maiden Song

    The answer is Still Life. But there are others I also love.
  9. Octillus

    Bruce's stage costumes over the years

    Gotta be Brave New World - denim far past the point of it being cool, dripping with sincerity.
  10. Octillus

    Legacy of the Beast 2018 Tour

    This reminds me - Different World is totally the weakest of the punchy reunion “singles”. Tough to beat The Wicker Man, but Speed of Light and El Dorado are dope.
  11. Octillus

    Hooks In You

    I irrationally love this stupid song.
  12. Octillus

    Legacy of the Beast 2018 Tour

    I mean... they've always done it this way.
  13. Octillus

    Bruce Dickinson - What Does This Button Do?

    Loved the book, loved the presentation of it because given management and just their general style, these were as far of details as we were going to get that were not totally regurgitated. I have to say, I actually found it rather inspirational, and the connection to flying - even if it's not...
  14. Octillus

    Hallowed Be Thy Name

    Let's take a different approach with this. There was like a 4 year period in the 80s where Bruce couldn't sing this AT ALL. What's up with that?
  15. Octillus

    Somewhere In Time: Album Discussion

    My second favorite Maiden album - genuinely curious about this period of time in the band's history but it's seemingly hard to find out much about it other than a couple of cool bootlegs (really like the stage design beyond the inflatables). This part of the Maiden docs basically glossed over it...
  16. Octillus

    Which Iron Maiden frontman would you like to drink and chat with for an hour?

    Paul Day wouldn't show up and you'd forget that you were even meeting him in the first place. @Diesel: You'd be so thoroughly charmed you'd forgotten that you had more important places to be.
  17. Octillus

    "Black sheep" albums you like

    Just off the top of my head? SKUNKWOOOOOOORKSSSSSSS. Possibly top 20 record of all time for me, and there's probably 2/3rds of the Maiden catalog I don't even entertain as being something I appreciate more. Probably all but 3 Maiden albums actually. Hold Your Fire - Rush (probably right...
  18. Octillus

    USA Politics

    Understatement of a lifetime to say that was an intense day. Aforementioned grandparents had actually just made it to SFO - long story short, they ended up staying with us a while longer.
  19. Octillus

    Official American Football Thread

    The first one will always be suspect because they shouldn't have even made it (because of the tuck rule), but I think the 2nd one was pretty legit. That's what I'll say.
  20. Octillus

    The Concert Thread

    I'll be in London from Feb 14 - 18, I haven't seen anything worth going to but if anyone knows of any local tips, I'm so down to go to a show.