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  1. Aces_High

    Demons & Wizards

    New album officially announced: Not the most original title, but the artwork looks cool. I love the use of the Notre-Dame cathedral towers. Also, 65 minutes instead of around 50 for the two first albums, so we can expect longer song(s).
  2. Aces_High

    Blind Guardian

    I didn't find Demons and Wizards in the master thread list so I assumed it didn't exist. Found it now.
  3. Aces_High

    Blind Guardian

    Some new snippets. At 2:04 we can hear Harvester of Souls, which his a reprise of At the Edge of Time with different lyrics, a darker mood, and a few added parts. Here's the English translation someone posted in the comments: 1:20-1:49 You're the first ones to listen to the album. It'll be...
  4. Aces_High

    Blind Guardian

    Here it is. So far I've only listened to the first minute and it sounds amazing. It reminds me of the pre-chorus of Fly (which I don't quite like) but made better by a superior performance from Hansi and the presence of the orchestra.
  5. Aces_High

    Blind Guardian

    The part at 1:32 reminds me of the outro of At the Edge of Time, which is one of my favorite moments of their discography. If we get a whole album of that, I'll be overjoyed. I just hope the novel is translated in time so we can understand the story. Yes, they will be several interludes as Hansi...
  6. Aces_High

    Blind Guardian

    Finally, a new teaser. Tracklist: 01. 1618 Ouverture 02. The Gathering 03. War Feeds War 04. Comets And Prophecies 05. Dark Cloud’s Rising 06. The Ritual 07. In The Underworld 08. A Secret Society 09. The Great Ordeal 10. Bez 11. In The Red Dwarf’s Tower 12. Into The Battle 13. Treason 14...
  7. Aces_High

    Iron Maiden studio album 17 rumours and speculations

    It works like an old couple.
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    The chorus really reminds me of Poltava.
  9. Aces_High

    Iron Maiden studio album 17 rumours and speculations

    Everybody has a different way to view the world.
  10. Aces_High

    April Fools 2019: IRON MAIDEN To Release "Sworn Angel" Album In October

    Seriously, would it be realistic for the new album to come so early?
  11. Aces_High

    Blind Guardian

    Only 244 days left...
  12. Aces_High

    Blind Guardian

    This is a previously unreleased Nightfall in Middle-Earth song that will officially be out on Wednesday (along with a few live tracks from 2016). At first I thought it would be a song recorded in 1997, but Hansi sounds like he does on the last album. More info here...
  13. Aces_High

    Blind Guardian

    Hansi had an interview last Friday on Metal Command: - No BG live shows for the next 18 months - There will be eleven songs in the orchestral album. - The theme will revolve around the 17th century - Two of the songs were composed back in 1997. - Hansi should finish recording the vocals in...
  14. Aces_High

    Greatest Moments in Maiden History

    The beginning of the long instrumental section of Phantom. The harmonies at 9.39 in TRATB. The second half of TBOS.
  15. Aces_High

    FUNNY / RANDOM / WEIRD Pictures...

    What were they expecting with that kind of name? Are these pieces of heavy metal, by chance?
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    That cover art is gorgeous.
  17. Aces_High

    The Book of Souls: General album discussion

    I do! It's my favourite Iron Maiden album.
  18. Aces_High

    Your Maiden blasphemy

    I like how The Book of Souls mostly has long songs. I just find them more engaging than your usual five minute rocker. It may be coincidental but TOAC is the only song I still can't get into. The repeated parts that ruined this album for some people are justified in my eyes. If a riff is good...
  19. Aces_High

    Blind Guardian

    It's gonna take a while...
  20. Aces_High

    The Official Book of Souls Tour 2017 Thread (Warning: Spoilers Within)

    And why use this background again? By June 2018 TBOS album will be nearly three years old, the mayan theme will be getting irrelevant.