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  1. Habberdasher

    New Tom Waits and New Murakami

    Both on the same day! It's like Christmas in the Habberdasher house today!
  2. Habberdasher

    Adam on US Big Brother

    Tonight is the season finale of the show Big Brother in the U.S. One of the finalists is Adam Poch a true metal head if there ever was one. Of course this includes Iron Maiden. I have also had the pleasure being friends with Adam for the past 16 years and have attended at least 3 Maiden shows...
  3. Habberdasher

    Nicko: Who Cares?

    Nicko has formed a supergroup of sorts for an Armenian charity. ... emID=40580
  4. Habberdasher

    Blaze Maiden or Bruce solo?

    I've been a Maiden fan since '83 and bought Tattooed Millionaire when it came out, but for some reason never even listened to Bruce's other solo material...until about 3 weeks ago. I also have never gotten into the XF and VXI, despite many efforts on and off for the past 15 years. Anyway, I...
  5. Habberdasher

    Anyone like Death Angel?

    I really liked Death Angel back in the 80s. In fact I think Act III is one of the best albums of that era (within a few months of Seasons in the Abyss and Rust in Peace). Anyway, I just saw a video of theirs "Truce". This is the first song I have heard since the "reunion". Can anyone compare the...
  6. Habberdasher

    Vote for Best Metal Band

    This is from a newspaper in New York. Lots of choices, but Maiden is in 4th place. ... _stil.html
  7. Habberdasher

    Number of da Boots

    Iron Maiden as you've never heard them before. "Hallowed Be Thy Enemy" is pretty interesting. I also like "From Exodus to Revelations." This IS insane. ... _of_d.html