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  1. GSW23MaidenFan

    Seventh Son of a Seventh Son Basketball Jersey

    Anyone know where you could possibly find one for sale? Been all over the web and Ebay, and I can't seem to even find 1. Should have bought one when they were available from Maiden's official store.
  2. GSW23MaidenFan

    Iron Maiden Members Net Worth, Lifestyle, Iron Maiden, Family, Kids, Young, Biography, House & Cars

    Don't know if anyone has checked these out before, but they're pretty damn interesting. Couldn't find ones for the 3 Amigos (Adrian Smith, Dave Murray, & Janick Gers) though. Bruce Dickinson Steve Harris Nicko McBrain
  3. GSW23MaidenFan

    Your Final Maiden Song To Hear?

    Hypothetically, if you were in a hospital bed about to take your final breath, what would be the final Maiden tune that you would like to hear before you left this world?
  4. GSW23MaidenFan

    If Maiden Had Chosen to Retire......

    in 1999 instead of reuniting with Bruce and Adrian, what in your opinion would have been their lasting legacy on the world of music?
  5. GSW23MaidenFan

    The Iron Maidens-All Female Tribute Act

    How many of you guys are familiar with the all-female tribute act, the Iron Maidens (from Los Angeles)?
  6. GSW23MaidenFan

    Your Favorite Sports Team?

    Who is your favorite professional sports team, that you would consider yourself a diehard fanatic of?