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  1. Harold B.ThyName

    A Real Dead One - NOTB

    Hi guys, Just listened to this album for the first time in about 20 years - I have to admit its not as bad as I remember it! Though one question which puzzled me at the time and I still havent seen an answer to - at the beginning of NOTB, during the spoken word intro, there seems to be another...
  2. Harold B.ThyName

    40 years of Maiden!

    So I realised a few years back that Maiden played their first ever gig on the same day i was born - Saturday 1st May 1976. Meaning that the 1st May 2016 is not only my 40th birthday but also the 40th anniversary of the bands live debut. Then when it was announced that theyd be touring in...
  3. Harold B.ThyName

    Can I Play With Madness single

    Hi guys, So it's been around 27 years since I bought my first maiden record, and somethings been bugging me all this time - can anyone tell me who that is pictured with the band on the back cover??? Ive never seen this asked anywhere so apologise if its obvious, but hope somebody can help!?