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    UFOs, extra-terrestrials, Alpha-Draconians and woo On a windswept and wet West Yorkshire...
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    Watched "Malignant," yesterday. Oh lordie, it has to be the best triple A, B-movie schlockfest of the year. James Wan definitely did something different here. It starts very by-the-numbers haunted house horror, then you get a really cool concept where our protagonist is transported to crime...
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    UFOs, extra-terrestrials, Alpha-Draconians and woo

    No, i did see a YouTube doc on it though. If I remember correctly it's the one with the disappearing cows, odd lights and some kind of monster, yes?
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    European Politics

    Saw the thing about the Belarussian athlete asking for refugee status at the Olympics, but didn't know about the rest. Even so, I have the feeling this is barely scratching the surface as to what is going on:
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    I know it's spam, but fuck Delta airlines. I rather take a Greyhound.
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    Thanks, will get to it throughout the day.
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    GAMES DISCUSSION - submissions welcome!

    Oddly, that's the one album I'm missing from the Khan years. Should be the only one. I have Karma, Epica, The Black Halo, Ghost Opera and Poetry for the Poisoned...
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    Can this still be real or just some crazy dream?

    So guess who sent me a friend request... At least my life is never boring.
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    Believe in Astrology? Yes or Not?

    I was thinking about this thread the other day. Like I said before, I don't believe in Astrology, but it is fun to think about. One attribute alwasy given to Cancer is that of a homebody, perfectly content in their little shell. And that's definitely 100% me. The thought struck me as I took...
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    UFOs, extra-terrestrials, Alpha-Draconians and woo

    Netflix recently released a docuseries on the declassified UFO files. Haven't seen it yet, so don't know if it will be "serious" or History Channel "ALIENS!" I'll try to watch it this weekend, but either way should be interesting.
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    USA Politics

    I don't watch Bill Maher, don't dig his "humor" (or lack thereof), for example this clip. Don't care for the "jokes," but he makes a good point about the GOPs problem having to please constituents and keeping their cushy jobs:
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    So I've been watching A LOT of shit lately. I have to while I can, before the semester ramps up with tests, projects, midterms and the like. Not surprisingly there is a lot of 9/11 stuff coming out on Netflix and I've been watching most of it. I did not watch World Trade Center or United 93...
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    Official Star Wars Thread

    I was listening to a sports podcast and they said something that I've heard many times before and STILL bothers me. They were comparing sports nerds that take sports too seriously to Star Wars nerds that take the movies too seriously. And what they said was, "People forget they are children's...
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    The Weather Thread

    Were you in AZ for the summer from hell (2017) when road signs, trashcans and traffic lights were melting? I'm sure that was not fun, so I'm glad this year the weather was not hell on earth for you guys.
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    The Weather Thread

    So two weeks ago we were hit by Hurricane Grace, which I guess got lost and instead of going up the Gulf into Florida, it went straight through the Yucatan peninsula and into central Mexico: Then We were hit by Hurrican Nora on the pacific coast a week later. THEN, then, last night we were hit...
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    Official Hockey discussion thread

    Yeeeah, you may have a more realistic view of the Habs than the Habs themselves.... They prefered to fill the hole with a trade than from within. We'll see how it pans out. Either way, it's exciting. I'm excited for this season. I was not excited for this last season and I wasn't excited when...
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    The Marvel Thread (Spoilers, and language!)

    Do we know what that is yet? Or like with Iron Man and early Marvel they're playing it by ear?
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    Official Hockey discussion thread

    Ok, now I'm curious. What do you see as the down side to Dvorak? He's currently a better producer than the player they lost, cheaper and you have him NOW and KNOW what you have versus a who-knows-what-you-get at the next draft... 1st or not.
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    The Marvel Thread (Spoilers, and language!)

    Wandavision and Loki definitely fit into the werid and wild.... They're good, I just... It was all ramping up to this ONE thing for the longest time and now.... Oh it's just a show. No different from watching How I Met Your Mother or Seinfeld. Just, because you enjoy it. Feels weird to do that...