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  1. James Rock

    Your First Maiden Gig ?

    first and only (so far) was in Vancouver BC on June and (so far) best concert i've been to  :cheers:
  2. James Rock

    Somewhere Back In Time The Best Of: 1980-1989

    all in all i think this is a pretty good comp and a good introduction for new fans. yeah, they have other collections out, but so do many recording artists who have been around as long (or longer) than Maiden, right? besides i never see any of these other "Greatest Hits" in stores (i did see...
  3. James Rock

    Kerrang Magazine Iron Maiden Tribute CD

    i'm sure everyone will disagree with me but i actually dug the cover of Wrathchild. i've never heard anything by the Gallows before but i liked the way they made it into a sloppy hardcore punk song (and i love sloppy hardcore punk). of course it doesn't hold a candle to the original, but at...
  4. James Rock

    Best Murder Song

    check out Beast Over Hammersmith. i voted for MITRM and Killers
  5. James Rock

    Shamefaced? What is the worst song you have ever bought?

    'Famous Monsters' by the Misfits. 'American Psycho' was ok, but Jerry Only has made me embarrased to be a Misfits fan (when I mean Misfits, i mean the Danzig era 1977-83)
  6. James Rock

    fear of the dark live

    what's the best live version of this song? i love the version off 'Best Of The Beast', what album is that one from?
  7. James Rock

    Iron Maiden video interviews / shows

    haha you're probably right!
  8. James Rock

    Iron Maiden video interviews / shows

    yeah, Nardwuar can be pretty annoying, but at least he asks questions that no one elses thinks to ask. you should check out some of his other interviews, some of them are quite funny. as for his continuing on about the cancelled show, it was the first time Maiden was going to play Vancouver...
  9. James Rock

    Iron Maiden video interviews / shows

    here's an audio interview with Steve Harris by the infamous Nardwuar from 1996, shortly after Maiden had to cancel their Vancouver date
  10. James Rock

    New posters! Who are you?

  11. James Rock

    New posters! Who are you?

    i'm James, i live in Canada. i've liked Maiden for years but after seeing for the first time a month ago, they have become quite possibly my favourite band
  12. James Rock

    Your Least Favourite Song

    Where'd they print that? That's not real is it? You can't print that! :lol:
  13. James Rock

    Your Least Favourite Song

    yeah, but my favourite Tap album is Shark Sandwich...i don't care what the critics say
  14. James Rock

    Your Least Favourite Song

    i haven't heard all the albums, so going by what i've heard i'm going to go with 'Bring Your Daughter'...i can't hear or even see the title of that song without thinking of Spinal Tap
  15. James Rock

    2008 Maiden Tour Shirts

    they must have only used the Team Canada ones for the Western Canadian leg of the tour because they only had the five western canadian tour dates in the back
  16. James Rock

    Top 5 Reasons Janick Gers is Still a Member of Iron Maiden

    sorry if somebody posted this before, i thought it was good for a laugh
  17. James Rock

    I'm Starting from Powerslave

    the single disc version of BOTB is the first Maiden cd i ever bought. once i started buying the albums i realized that it's not a great retrospective of their work, IMO
  18. James Rock

    2008 Maiden Tour Shirts

    the Canadian Tour shirt i got for my kid is pretty fun this is on the back with the Canadian tour dates
  19. James Rock

    Iron Maiden's tour a family affair

    there were plenty of kids at the Vancouver show, which i thought was cool. one kid had a sign that read "HEY BRUCE THIS IS MY FIRST CONCERT" Bruce saw it and said "Your first concert? Fuck me---oops! Sorry Mum!"
  20. James Rock

    My First Iron Maiden concert experience

    just seen Maiden for the first time on June 3rd in Vancouver (first time they've played here since 1988!). i went from being a casual fan to a believer. greatest concert i have ever been to. hope they come back again so i can bring my step-son. i did buy him a Canadian Maiden shirt from the show...