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  1. RealMaidenFan

    What's the cheapest and good tone Marshall amp for practice?

    Hello I'm very confused with this case...I'm gonna buy an awesome Marshall amp good for practice and of course a low price about 200$ or so for a beginner like me to have a similar tone of Iron Maiden ....I want to buy a Marshall MG30DFX but some people say that it sucks...Is it real?? I don't...
  2. RealMaidenFan

    How to learn Electric Guitar the way that Iron Maiden plays?

    Hello there, So I'm just confused about how can I learn Electric Guitar the way that I would be able to be a Guitar Master like Adrian, Dave, and Janic.... I'm now studying Troy Stetina Rhythm Guitar vol.1 but I found it not suitable for me because it's all about playing some Repetitive and...
  3. RealMaidenFan

    Need some help for Zoom G1Next

    Hello there, I'm just wondering how can I simulate a good Iron Maiden Tone with my Effects Pedal....My amp unfortunately sucks! but I think with my Effects Pedal I can improve the sound , but I don't know which settings makes it more SIMILAR TO IRONS! I know they use lots of Pro equipments but I...
  4. RealMaidenFan

    Adrian's Strat

    Hi guys I noticed in one of the photos of H in Ross Halfin's gallery that he is playing a rare strat.... He has always seen with a Fender American Deluxe Strat- Sunburst but this one is very rare (Cream color) I would like to know is there any signature model or non signature model of this...
  5. RealMaidenFan

    Maiden Rythm Guitar Tabs

    Hi everybody! I'm learning rhythm guitar nowadays....But I can't find only rhythm guitar tabs of Iron Maiden....Any help would be much appreciated... Thanks.
  6. RealMaidenFan

    Adrian's Guitars

    Hi all I'm searching for the answer of this question : What guitar did Adrian use in the Different World and TROBB official video ? Is it Epiphone Worn G-400 or Gibson SG Standard?
  7. RealMaidenFan

    Adrian's picking

    Hi guys I have some questions about how does Adrian uses a Pick (because I'm a quite beginner...) and what brand of picks with which thickness does he use? Thanks.
  8. RealMaidenFan

    Eddie Stencil

    Hi guys I just saw this stencil and it looks great! I would like to make one for myself ...Does anybody have experienced making one of these stencils?
  9. RealMaidenFan

    AMOLAD Guitar Recorded Version

    Hi all, I have no access to this book..Do you have the pdf link or some images of it? I need to have TROBB notes...
  10. RealMaidenFan

    Guitar Lessons from Adrian

    Nice video made by on youtube: ... re=related :shred:
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    What's the best proof to show that Iron Maiden is NOT satanic

  12. RealMaidenFan

    Songs with Steve's solo

    I only know "Only the Good Die Young".
  13. RealMaidenFan

    Top Maiden live videos on Youtube

    Post the links here if you know, Please.
  14. RealMaidenFan

    Steve's Bass

    Hi all, I would like to know is there anybody here that has the Steve's Bass? any comments?
  15. RealMaidenFan

    2011 Calendar full size Photos

    Hi all, I would like to know is there the full size Photos of the band  in 2011 Calendar available? I'm currently working on a Poster so I need that Photos...
  16. RealMaidenFan


    Hi all, What's the meaning of this phrase on Steve's Shirt seen in some pics of tours? : WHALE OIL BEEF HOOKED
  17. RealMaidenFan

    Print Artworks on Guitar Body

    Hi all, I would like to know how to print artworks on the body of a guitar ? and also I would like to  see your Iron Maiden Artworks on your guitar if you done it. I'll print the AMOLAD skull ! And I think it's better to discuss this in a seperate topic.
  18. RealMaidenFan

    Bruce's voice defect in The Talisman intro

    Hi, I mean when Bruce says "Never to be seen" when that defect in his voice happens in word "seen" at about 01:56 . What do you think about this?
  19. RealMaidenFan

    Making of A Matter of Life and Death Pictures

    Hi all You can see those great pictures in the documentary , when they are discussing  about the song , they appear with the song name. I'm really interested in those pics and I lve to post them on  the wall of my room! Best Regards.
  20. RealMaidenFan

    Making of A Matter of Life and Death

    Hi, Here are the links to 4 parts of the documentary on the AMOLAD DVD  but it's not completed on youtube ,there is/are another part/s , well here are the links : Part 1: Part 2: Part 3...