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    Iron Maiden studio album 17 rumours and speculations

    I don't think it's about time or rushing the album out. 'Arry seems to think that when your ears bleed it's the best production. So they tend to kinda do it that way. 'Arry seems to think the best Maiden is live Maiden, so they try to do the albums in as few takes as possible, you know, to keep...
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    ROCKET, YEAH, SATELLITE OF LOVE! (still one of the catchiest songs I ever heard, btw)
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    Why wasn't the reunion an instant success in America?

    Sorry to bump an old thread, but this caught my eye and I just have to ask Do you have any idea why that might be so? I suppose the first leg of the AMOLAD tour wasn't the reason ('cause from what I know the PlayClassics crowds were pretty vocal then) and off the top of my head I can't think...
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    FUNNY / RANDOM / WEIRD Pictures...

    So, Pinterest decided to remind me of pins I should not miss and... ...apparently, "sexy Pennywise" is now a thing. :huh:
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    What do you look like?

    Looks like my older photo has also been lost to time, so here's a recent one (it's overexposed on purpose, 'cause I'm a fucking hipster, just like Lana Del Rey) (feat. Lil' Jud)
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    Let's try and get 1,000,000 replies to this post

    Oh, since you talk about unis... Did I mention I changed my job in the meantime? Remember the uni I study theology at? Well, I've been their lawyer for the last two weeks. :cool: It's an amazing job - much less stressful, more free time, I don't have to commute, bigger salary, very friendly...
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    Iron Maiden studio album 17 rumours and speculations

    Just now in the tour thread Well, since this thread already "thinks" a new album's gonna be out for Christmas I don't even know whether I'm kidding right now...
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    TOM WAITS SURVIVOR: Round 17 - Franks Wild Years

    Anyway, for now I think we continue here. I just wanted to say that FWY indeed is my favourite Tom record now - it's just beautiful from start to finish. Well... except for I'll Take New York. I mean, WHAT THE FUCK? I can take Tom in his various incarnations and I certainly have a tolerance for...
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    Oh no, it's sad to see him go. He often managed to make me feel good, I don't even know how. May he rest in peace.
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    Alter Bridge

    So, I haven't heard anything by the band so far (well, I know Creed and I definitely don't hate it as much as everybody and their brother seem to nowadays, but I guess that doesn't count) (and to be truly honest, I think I used to mistake AB for Audioslave on occasion), but considering the buzz...
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    I'll just drop here what I wrote in the Tom Waits Survivor thread...
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    TOM WAITS SURVIVOR: Round 17 - Franks Wild Years

    I second that. I've already said that I have quite the trouble voting in this particular Survivor in general and I don't even feel very "Survivor-y" - I think I burnt out and ended the Dream Theater Survivor right after BC&SL - don't even recall whether I managed to comment on ADTOE (which is...
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    Anyway, @MrKnickerbocker , do you hate the early albums equally? Because I finally got the courage to try out Dominion and I think it's much much better than the debut. Both the vocals and the songwriting has improved a lot, IMHO. Of course it's not up to par with the mid-career stuff (which -...
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    Now Playing (Video Games)

    While I was gone I managed to finish the first reboot Tomb Raider and the main story of Witcher 3 - now I'm in the Hearts of Stone add-on. Witcher was the best, the Tomb Raider was pretty enjoyable, but my biggest complaint would be... it's way too fucking easy. The game keeps telling you what...
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    Say what you will about them... but the combination of 1.) the title, 2.) the cover and 3.) the general sound of this album fit together really well.