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  1. GhostSword

    What is your favorite Album Cover art - best to worst (singles not included).

    1. Live After Death 2. Somewhere In Time 3. The Number Of The Beast 4. Powerslave 5. Piece Of Mind 6. Killers 7. Iron Maiden 8. The Book Of Souls 9. The Book Of Souls: Live Chapter 10. Brave New World 11. Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son 12. No Prayer For The Dying 13. Fear Of The Dark 14...
  2. GhostSword

    Favorite Picture disc you have seen or own?

    Run to the Hills, Phantom of the Opera, Losfer Words - Live
  3. GhostSword

    Why not Paul Dianno instead of Blaze?

    Why didn't Maiden sign free-agent Paul Dianno when Bruce left, instead of Blaze? I am sure it would have been more well recieved and really would have been kind of cool. I bet the songs would have been better too. #blazefornever
  4. GhostSword

    Head phones converted to Ed Phones

    Traced the shape of the area I wanted to cover. Found an image to use on internet. Scanned the oval tracing into Photoshop and fit image into it's shape using layers. Printed it on semi-gloss sticker paper. Cut to fit. Installed on listening device = Metal Awesomeness! [for a fraction of the...
  5. GhostSword

    New Vinyl Releases - manufacturing poor! seems rushed!

    Buyers Beware!!! Ordered - Brave New World, Dance of Death & A Matter of Life and Death. A Matter of Life and Death was fine and played good (thank goodness). However, Brave New World & Dance of Death had visible defects that effected audio playback on one of their 2 LP's included. I ordered...