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  1. LooseCannon

    Maidenfans Album Club: Purest of Pain - Solipsis

    Hello everyone, After chatting with a few forum members regarding ongoing reviews, we thought it might be fun to change the pace and expand things out a bit. So, welcome to the Maidenfans Album Club! The rules of Album Club are pretty straightforward. 1. No structured/numerical reviews. The...
  2. LooseCannon

    The darkest of all magicians

    Happy birthday @Black Wizard! May your special day be filled with beers and female-fronted metal bands (to steal from @Ariana) Yes, if you said Happy Birthday in the 100k thread you have to say it again here.
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    Maidenfans Meetups 2019

    July 2019 18 - Sunrise, FL, USA – BB&T Center 20 - Atlanta, GA, USA - Cellairis Amphitheatre at Lakewood Confirmed: Iron Lurker 22 - Charlotte, NC, USA - PNC Music Pavilion Possible: Iron Lurker 24 - Washington DC, USA - Jiffy Lube Live 26 - Brooklyn, NY, USA – Barclays Center 30 - Philadelphia...
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    Happy Birthday, Supreme Overlord!

    Hey, it's @Jon's birthday! He might be behind the scenes, but he helps keep the lights on! Have a good one!
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    Proposed forum layout change

    Hi everyone, we have been discussing changing the forum layout, and this is what we've come up with, where ----> indicates a sub forum: Iron Maiden Maiden Chat -->Make Your Own Setlist (new subforum for those shit setlist threads) Solo / Side Project Discussion Song and Album Commentaries...
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    Legacy of the Beast Tour Second Leg Rumours & Discussions

    Hi guys, please put all your pointless discussion about the LotB tour's second leg. FYI, they won't play Alexander the Great. Please don't bring it up.
  7. LooseCannon

    The Personal Impact of Iron Maiden

    I've been pondering this question for awhile, personally. Some people on this forum are Iron Maiden fans, first, foremost, and always. Some count the band amongst their favourites. Some stay around for the excellent community. But I'm curious what the personal impact has been for people. My Iron...
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    Yet another happy birthday...

    To @Dr. Eddies Wingman!!! Huzzah! Excelsior!
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    The Official Rankings results (2004-2016)

    Updated! Final results immediately below! Overall Song deviance (least to greatest) Albums Album rankings 155: The Apparition (Fear of the Dark) Average score: 3.95/10 Deviation 1.68 Fear of the Dark 1/12 Kicking off our list is the song that some defend, but most despise. Silly...
  10. LooseCannon

    Best Eddie

    You know, I've always wondered...what's the best Eddie? Lots of people have very strong opinions on the subject. Similarly, what's the worst Eddie? My favourite Eddie is the Aces High cover, followed by Powerslave cover - man, that scene is majestic. But lots of people prefer many other covers...
  11. LooseCannon

    Artist Thread Master List

    AC/DC Aerosmith Alestorm Alter Bridge Alice in Chains Amon Amarth Amorphis Anthrax Arjen Anthony Lucassen Arch Enemy Armored Saint As I Lay Dying Avantasia Ayreon Baroness Battle Beast Be'lakor Black Country Communion Black Sabbath Blaze Bayley Blind Guardian Bolt Thrower Buckethead Candlemass...
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    New and improved! (Actually the same) Iron Maiden - The Book of Souls
  13. LooseCannon


    Note original post by Tap_Legion, had to be reposted due to a spoiler in the attached thread. Going to post these images and see what you guys think. Licensed Silkscreen Maiden print from last Summer: Official Maiden shirt being sold this tour... My Trooper Eddie doodle from...
  14. LooseCannon

    The Official Book of Souls Tour 2016 NO SPOILERS ALLOWED Thread

    As above. If you post spoilers here, you will be banned until the end of the Book of Souls Tour, which, we'll say, Sept 30, 2016 just to be safe.
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    Mafia Game # 3 - Revenge of the Russian Mob signups

    Sign up by voting in the poll here!
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    2017 Meetup discussion

    Hi everyone, With tour dates being announced, it seems like now is the time to start discussing meetups. First tour dates in North America are in April. Meetup NA: I've offered to host in Ottawa, assuming at least one show is in Montreal; there are people (@Cornfed Hick) who have mentioned...
  17. LooseCannon

    Individual song polls

    Hi everyone, As you know, the individual song polls are traditionally reset when a new Iron Maiden album comes out. That will be the case with the current polls. However, whereas previously I relaunched the polls starting when the album came out, that will not be the case here. All polls will...
  18. LooseCannon

    Mafia: Game 1: Mafia wins!

    GAME RULES: If you do anything to break the the rules or spirit of the game (eg. giving away information when you are dead, threatening / bribing other players), you will be instantly game banned and probably banned from future games, so don't do it. The Town win when they kill all of the...
  19. LooseCannon

    Fan Magazine 100 (SPOILERS)

    Please place all discussion of the recently released fan mag here.
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    New FAQ thread under construction - help wanted

    Hello everyone! A new FAQ thread is under construction, since, for some reason, we've had a lot of new members. With the hypothetical possibility of a new album, it'd be nice to greet the assured influx of even more new members with an updated FAQ. Originally, I had thought I might do this...