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  1. Sea of Madness

    Do you ever wish you could murder hipsters? (WARNING! offensive)

    The hipster look and attitude has turned the American male into a metrosexual-looking and acting douchebag. Hipster fashion has vitiated and tainted our culture. Those faggy skinny jeans and tight plaid "lumberjack" shirts, those insipid "wave" haircuts and man buns. Every time I see one of...
  2. Sea of Madness

    Definitive Pat Travers

    I've read a lot about Pat Travers, but I've never listened to his music. I'm sure I know some of it without knowing that it's him, but can someone please give me the definitive Pat Travers album(s)? I'd like to check out his work. I noticed that many of my favorite bands and guitarists site him...
  3. Sea of Madness

    What should Iron Maiden's setlist on the next tour be

    Just assuming its a hits/classics tour, post your setlist here. Here's mine for now (might revise it later): Where Eagles Dare 2 Minutes To Midnight Can I Play With Madness Speed of Light Revelations The Trooper Phantom of the Opera The Wicker Man Remember Tomorrow Killers Heaven Can Wait...
  4. Sea of Madness

    Religious beliefs of Iron Maiden fans

    This thread is not meant to be a religious debate. I'd just like to see what the religious opinions seem to be among the brothers and sisters in Iron Maiden. I guess I'll start by saying I'm an atheist. Don't be afraid to share your beliefs. I certainly don't care. I'm just curious to see...
  5. Sea of Madness

    Prediction: Does Maiden do one more album? And what's the theme if so?

    Title says it all. Discuss...
  6. Sea of Madness

    Does Iron Maiden dislike the USA?

    For some reason I've always got the impression that they don't like us too much. I'm from the US and am a huge Maiden fan. I've just always wondered this. Just by listening to some of the little things they say sometimes, I just wonder if they don't like us too much. Or if people from Britain in...